Concept Bikes by Alexander Kotlyarevsky

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Alexander Kotlyarevsky's concept bike.Ukrainian inventor and industrial designer Alexander Kotlyarevsky‘s concept bikes are fiercely futuristic, confidently minimalistic and super-sexy at the same time.

The ‘Swordfish‘ is a adventurous hubless concept motorcycle. Kotlyarevsky designed it with rebellious and even somewhat aggressive but still sleek curves. It features a lean and minimalistic yet tough metal structure.


'Stalker' concept bike Alexander Kotlyarevsky.The ‘Stalker‘ concept bike on the right is outfitted with wicked pink metallic body pieces, while its assertive curves reveal an equally defiant character with a slightly more female look and feel than the ‘Swordfish’.


Alexander Kotlyarevsky was born in 1978. He studied Automotive Industrial Design in England, completed his Master of Arts in Design in Milano, Italy in 2004 and then his Master of Transportation Design in 2006.

Kotlyarevsky has worked for Canon, Audi, Bonetto Design, Fiat Advanced Design, Cibic & Partners, Vannini Cesaretti Architetti and many others.

He exhibited in England at the 2003 ‘New Designers Exhibition’ in London, at the 2004 ‘International Exhibition Photoforum’ in Moscow and at the ‘International Exhibition Cersaie’ in Bologna, Italy. In 2006 he was awarded at the ‘North American International Auto Show’ in Detroit, USA with an
Outstanding Design Award from Michelin Challenge Design with the project Eclair.

Kotlyarevsky is also involved in athletics and has won competitions in sports such as a long distance running, boxing, kick-boxing and swimming.

More of Alexander Kotlyarevsky’s design concepts: – alexander kotlyarevsky


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