Dictators Can Be Spiritual People Too Says Swiss Psychic Martin Zoller

Friday, 9 October 2015

Lino César OviedoSwiss psychic Martin Zoller's thoughts on former South American Dictator Lino César Oviedo.

Dear friends,

Politicians, manager and lawyers are thought of as being people without emotions who are corrupt and certainly never considered to be spiritual! Many people have the impression that spirituality and any kind of power driven jobs are not compatible. This idea is as naïve as to think that all social workers are automatically good and honest people.

I have met many very spiritual and good-hearted politicians, lawyer and CEOs. They do a lot of work to be good humans in addition to work hard for their demanding jobs. And, I have met a lot of corrupt social workers that “help” the poor and underprivileged but in reality steal and abuse those less fortunate every day. While, I don’t try to make one side better than the other, I do want to point out that only when we dismiss mental preconditions regarding whom we think is good and who is bad we have the chance to understand human nature.

Some years ago I visited former South American Dictator Lino César Oviedo in prison. I went because his people asked me to help and guide him. This man, you would assume, represents everything that is “evil” or bad in human nature. Before my visit, this is exactly what I thought. However, when we met, my first impression of him was very good. Regardless of what he did in the past, his aura was very strong, good and most of all – clean! I spoke with him for more than two hours, analyzing his future, talking about his past and his family. When I left him I felt good and was happy that I had the chance to meet such a great and spiritual man.

We are used about labeling people. Judging them from the beginning for their job, religion, nationality or race and it takes longer for us to give them a fair chance. Not only is this ignorant, but you close doors in your life who could be very helpful for your path.

I wish you a wonderful time!

Martin ZollerAbout Martin Zoller

Martin Zoller is a Swiss national living in Bolivia. For more than 20 years Martin has been invited around the world to share and use his ability as "psychic" and "remote viewer". He has hosted his own TV shows, in both Bolivia and Germany and released a DVD on Remote Viewing and a meditation CD. Further to the many articles, he has also published five books, soon his sixth will be released. 

Martin's gift to foresee the future allows his clients to receive direction and exceptional guidance in a time of need of answers. His fluency in English, German, French and Spanish enable him to have clients consisting of individuals, corporations, law enforcement agencies, embassies and governments in different continents.

Martin designs and runs workshops and lectures all around the world with the goal of helping individuals understand who they are as human beings, discover/bring out their inner potential as well as their spiritual essence. His workshops and group lectures can be held in person or via Skype.

Contact him directly here:
– Website: Martinzoller.com,
– Facebook fanpage: Martin Zoller

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