Elephant in the Room (Bizarre Art)

Friday, 28 August 2009

"There is an elephant in the room..."There is an elephant in the room…

Underground pics by unknown artists.

Woman sitting on sofa reading a book and elephant in one room.I told you so!
Elephant in the lobby of a hotel.And this little fellow wants to check in…
Elephant jumping out of hanging railroad in Wuppertal. And then there was this elephant, jumping out of a hanging railroad.

A young elephant named ‘Tuffi’ visited Wuppertal, a city in Germany with the circus. As a marketing gag the circus people decided to let him make a tour on 21st July 1950 with the ‘Schwebebahn’, a suspension railway.

Shortly after departing the station, due to the noise and shaking the 4-year-old elephant panicked, kicked the door open and jumped down in the water of the river Wupper. Luckily, the elephant only suffered some minor scratches. Nobody photographed that scene, therefore later this postcard was made by some photo-manipulations.

Supposedly, Tuffi jumped out right beneath the ‘Elefantenapotheke’ in Wuppertal (meaning Elephant’s pharmacy)!


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