You in my Imagination (Poetry by Katrina Feuerwald)

Friday, 25 September 2009

You in my imagination

For years, you’ve been gone,
so why can’t I forget you?
A few months with you.
such a very short time.
You are long away now.

And I still see you
in strangers’ faces,
startled, I look,
but it is not you.

I enjoy the torture.
On purpose,
swimming in the hurt,
to have you here
in this way
rather then nothing at all.

It is so strange
that you will never know
that I am still here,
so many years later
and you are so real,
with me
without your consent,
in my imagination.

Man with wet suit in sea.

Katrina Feuerwald© Katrina K. FeuerWald

The fabulous Katrina Feuerwald is still an unfamiliar American poet – but this will change soon…

Photo: Steve Todey


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