iPad vs. iPhone vs. iStone

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Remember? The first iPad by Apple Computer had some serious shortcomings…iPad not better than a stone?

At least your private hightech-stone (the iStone), can be used for multi-tasking as for example hunting saber-tooth tigers or knock in a nail.

Then again, you might somehow be able to kill your prey with the soon to be released iPad 3 as well.

However, even the iPhone has once been compared to a stone:

iPhone or stone?

Neither the iPhone nor the stone can handle MMS messages. You can’t expand memory, neither on the stone nor on the phone. And neither offers a video function.

Conclusion by the Brasil newspaper Diario do Nordeste: The iPhone 3G is only hardly better than a stone, as at least it features a touchscreen which the stone is sorely missing!

And finally, have a look at this eye-opening illustration…:

Steve Jobs presents 4 iPhones as the new iPad...
iPad nothing but 4 iPhones sticked together?

And what’s gonna happen in the long-term for the iPhone?

iPhone, iPad, iBoard, iMat
iBoard and then finally: The iMat…!
(via: Begeek.fr – iphone ipad iboard imat)

Nevertheless, the iPad has become a huge success pretty quickly. (Similar to the iPhone: Lot’s of criticism during the run-up; then suddenly one of the best selling smartphones, if not the best, ever.) If you actually don’t like your iPad, take your iStone and stone the freaking pad!

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