Do Aliens Read UFO Magazines…?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alien : Advertisement by Neogama for Propmark. Brazilian advertisement agency Neogama/BBH created this Magazine Marketing Advertisement for PropMark.

PropMark, a marketing industry magazine from Brazil, runs a few print advertisements claiming the readership of all interested in the advertising and marketing field. What are you going to read if you’re in marketing or advertising?

Aliens would surely read 'ufos' magazine…

Robot: Advertisement by Neogama/BBH for PropMark. …Robots would read the 'ROBOTICS' magazine…
Horse : Advertisement by Neogama/BBH for PropMark. …and horses of course would read 'Horses' magazine!

The PropMark campaign was developed at Neogama/BBH in São Paulo, Brazil.

Executive creative director: Alexandre Gama, Art director: Max Geraldo, Creative directors: Wilson Mateos and Márcio Ribas, Illustrator: Roberto Jun, Copywriter: Silvio Amorim, Photographer Gustavo Lacerda, Digital retouching: Daniel Leão and Alê Perez.

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