The 4 Aspects Of Richness (By Martin Zoller)

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Wedding in a Fountain (c) Rich JohnsonFamous Swiss psychic Martin Zoller outlines the four aspects of true richness.

With the global recession, it's easy to see why people seem consumed with money and financial worry. I can see that in my daily work with my clients. Some of them are really struggling; others are simply afraid of losing the financial stability they have reached. When I think more about it, I realize that all the time in my work – and my life – I am confronted with questions about richness or abundance, in some way or another.

Besides the economical abundance there is the emotional abundance. Who does not look for true love in life, hoping to be happily married forever? Further, we have spiritual or religious abundance. People seek illumination or at least an inner peace and if possible, some direct connection with the inner self, also called the soul. And last but not least, the abundance of health.

There may be other aspects of richness in life but I think, and in my experience, there are four important aspects of it: financial, emotional, spiritual and health. In most of the cases, my clients are focused more on one or two of these aspects rather than on all of them. On which aspects one focuses on has a lot to do with the cultural and educational background of the person. What makes it a little more complicated is that abundance can be relative.

For example in the Middle East, where smoking a big cigar and having fake breasts and lips are symbols of abundance, for others these are signs of poor self-esteem. Meanwhile in economically very poor countries, people are used to giving more importance to spiritual or religious abundance. Country leaders aren't really interested in the spiritual growth of their citizens but because there is no way to give financial abundance to the people, this is the aspect they can emphasize. I find the same with individuals, particularly those from a weak financial background; they tell me that having lots of money wouldn't necessarily make them happy. Of course they have to implant this affirmation in their mind, as otherwise they would feel frustrated knowing and understanding the comfort of economical abundance.

On the other hand the same people, once they get rich, suddenly change their mental energy and focus on money. The ones who are rich from the beginning often forget to search for the other aspects of abundance in life because they are used to buying everything with money – even love! While there are many more examples from my daily life, this is not what the essence of this newsletter should be about. What I realize and learn day by day is that the real rich man or woman is not the one who has only one or if lucky, two of these aspects and sticks to them but the one who knows about the four of them and manages to handle all of them in a healthy and wealthy way!

Meditation to the topic:
Take four papers and write on each of them as a title of one of the four abundances. Then meditate and write down where you feel that you are giving enough attention and where you are not. Also on what you want to achieve on each abundance subject and where and how you block yourself from growth. Transform yourself in all four aspects into someone valuable and RICH!

Martin ZollerAbout Martin Zoller

Martin Zoller is a Swiss national living in Panama. For more than 20 years Martin has been invited around the world to share and use his ability as "psychic" and "remote viewer". He has hosted his own TV shows, in both Bolivia and Germany and released a DVD on Remote Viewing and a meditation CD. Further to the many articles, he has also published five books, soon his sixth will be released. 

Martin's gift to foresee the future allows his clients to receive direction and exceptional guidance in a time of need of answers. His fluency in English, German, French and Spanish enable him to have clients consisting of individuals, corporations, law enforcement agencies, embassies and governments in different continents.

Martin designs and runs workshops and lectures all around the world with the goal of helping individuals understand who they are as human beings, discover/bring out their inner potential as well as their spiritual essence. These workshops and group lectures can be held in person as well as online, via Skype.

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3 thoughts on “The 4 Aspects Of Richness (By Martin Zoller)

  1. Hi,
    I absolutely agree with Foxy Lady and as I am a huge fan of “the Secret” – and trying to live to its principles accordingly which is not always easy – this really speaks from the heart

  2. A very nice piece of writing. It resets ones focus.
    I guess in today’s world, where we’re exposed to and distracted by a flood of information we loose the ability to listen to our inner voice. We focus on monetary and health aspects, forgetting the soul. Thank you for reminding me : )

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