Life-Endangering Jawdropping Wingsuit Jumping

Sunday, 21 December 2014

These wingsuit base jumpers in Norway literally fly on the edge…!

Wingsuit jumping is the leading edge of extreme sports – an exhilarating feat of almost unbelievable daring, where skydivers soar through canyons at over 100 mile per hour.

These flying men are seriously addicted to adrenaline. Enjoy this fun-da-mental video!


Patrick De Gayardon flying with wingsuit.

Pioneer Wingsuit Pilot Patrick De Gayardon.
(Pic: Mimoso2006)

Pioneer Wingsuit Jumper

Patrick de Gayardon from France was one of the pioneers in the unique style of skysurfing, where a board is used to make aerobatic maneuvers. De Gayardon was famous for pushing the boundaries of skydiving by perfomring many stunts with his wing-suit, sometimes also called 'bat suit'.

He died in Hawaii on 13th April 1998 during a skydive using the wing-suit, while testing a new modification to his parachute container; his death is attributed to a rigging error which was part of the new modification.

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