Zoe Seven’s ‘Into The Void’ (Review Of Joseph Marti’s Psychedelic Book Classic)

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Unfortunately we have to inform you that this daring explorer of the frontiers of consciousness is not in this dimension with us anymore. As soon as we know more about the details we will inform you here.



"…This book is the closest thing to actually ingesting an extremely powerful consciousness-altering mind-expanding psychedelic substance…and by reading it, you will embark on a psychological voyage that will forever change you and the reality you thought you knew…"

That's how Zoe7 introduces us into this fantastic mind-trip.
According to an interview for The AVS Journal – an online magazine about consciousness expanding technologies – the author of “Into The Void” describes his consciousness research and himself:

…I [Joseph Marti] oftentimes think of “Zoe Seven” as an extension of myself, like an alter ego. You see, when I go back and read about what I’ve done – the experiments and their resulting experiences – it seems to me as though someone else was actually doing them; like it all happened in a dream somehow.
It’s almost like a part of me is the ’daring psychonaut’ who is willing to take his brain and mind to its very limits… While another facet of me plays the role of the ‘observer,’ who avidly takes notes, which end up becoming Zoe Seven’s books.

Simply by reading about Zoe Seven's exploration of the labyrinthine regions of his own brain and mind, you actually end up doing the same exploration within your psyche and yourSELF as well!

The psychedelic community needed this for a long time; a real breakthrough!
Dazzling; the most thrilling account on the sometimes extreme experiences of a most courageous man who dares to enter the deepest and most hidden regions of his inner space.

Finally he enters 'the Void', the peculiar 'place' where black and white don't exist, no left no right, no up no down, no yes no no…just oneness.

But don't get me wrong here: the book doesn't talk about 'weird stuff' only. "Into the Void" also describes the no less mysterious world of everyday miracles including mind-bending synchronicities and tales from his personal life.

The author elaborates on as various a subject as lucid dreaming, remote viewing, hypnagogic states, neurofeedback, hypnotic induction tapes, various mind machines, electric brain stimulation via CES-devices (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation) and of course liberal doses of psychedelics, dissociatives and hallucinogenics.
Zoe Seven also describes the universe as psychological in nature – we are actually merely aspects of God amusing itself, he concludes…

He describes the ability to psychoport, which apparently is a new approach to astral traveling across the so called "Psychodynamic Frequency Domains". Psychoporting is being described on a psychic-forum as following:

Psychoport – the psychic can teleport to any location in the current time, irrespective of whether or not the psychic has seen it, visited it, or has anything other more than a name. For this psychic all of space and time are connected metaphysically, the coordinates to all these places are everywhere, and the psychoport need only choose the destination. Travel with a Psychoport works in the same way as with a Teleport.

Psychodynamic Frequency Domains include countless probable alternate realities (or we might actually call them 'reality tunnels' according to Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary).

These probable alternative universes also extend over time, so Zoe Seven actually surfs time and space during his explorations of his inner space. Soon our courageous explorer finds out that he actually is able to 'inhabit' the bodies of some of the denizens of these newly discovered worlds. He calls this Psychodynamic Integration.

This culminates into the discovery that a number of his probable selves fuse into something Zoe calls an "Overmind". Related to that, 'Into The Void' describes lots of conversations with Zoe Seven's "future self", which he calls "FM" (Future Me).

This fascinating video by Rob Bryanton explains our well-known 3 dimensions, but adds 7 more! This might help better understanding what probable selves or future me's actually are and even where they are:

…Imagine how the other versions of you already exist out there in the multiverse of other possible fifth dimensional branches. Which means the tried and true pop songs that tell you to hang on to your dreams are really about "remembering a particular future".

…in the multiverse there is already a version of you that achieves all you want to in this life, and keeping that future in mind is how each of us improve our odds of getting there.

(Rob Bryanton)

Neurofeedback & brain stimulation devices
As a real 21st century techno-shaman, Zoe7 uses audio-visual stimulation (AVS) through mind-machines and CES-devices and at the same time ingests visionary plants like Salvia Divinorum, Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin). This is truly unique and as far as I know, nobody has ever tried this combination to change one's consciousness!

The effects of this ground-breaking combination of high-tech devices and ancient entheogens are definitively spectacular. (Entheogens are  psychoactive substances – most often some plant matter with hallucinogenic effects – which cause a spiritual or mystical experience.)

Legal but unknown psychedelics – buy them in your local drugstore!
There are actually many more hallucinogens available than what is generally known to the public: Zoe Seven explains easily available off-the-shelf drugs that can actually be used as surprisingly strong psychoactive substances – 100% legal!

Zoe Seven quotes Lao Tse:

Understanding others is wisdom, understanding yourself is enlightenment.

(Lao Tse)

Indeed. And "Into the void" does exactly that: It dramatically increases the understanding of yourSELF. (Surf ultrafeel.tv to find out what happens when you really know yourSELF…)

Fantastic ESP phenomena
His extra-sensory perception experiences are only topped by the weird and wonderful synchronicities. This makes "Into The Void" a definite candidate for a psychedelic classic…and another perfect preparation for the impending and eagerly awaited changes supposed to happen in 2012!

Belief is death of Intelligence?
As Robert Anton Wilson states: "Belief is the death of Intelligence", Zoe Seven puts all his ideas to the personal test. Experience is everything that counts – all beliefs area utterly unnecessary, if not downright dangerous.
The author is not interested in beliefs – he rather dives into the adventure of personal experience, however extreme they sometimes might turn out to be.

Zoe7 meets naked astral-woman and witnesses the birth of universal intelligence…
In a really exciting report, he meets with a beautiful naked woman during an out-of-body experience who exclaims, “I’d love to merge my energy-essence with yours,” and a fascinating story about astral erotica follows:
Astral erotica dream girl – http://www.maps.org/news-letters/v12n1/12136zoe.html

The highlight however is Zoe Seven's mind-shattering description of his witnessing the birth of universal intelligence, the physical dimension, and finally the human mind. I felt as if I myself had been pulled through the Void and back!

All in all : a beautiful, brilliant, exhilarating book…dazzling from beginning to end.
The author presents extremely compelling and provoking thoughts and describes his experiments with altered mind-states, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, channeling and out-of-body travel in the greatest and most fascinating details. 'Into The Void' is an outstanding book which surely will become a psychedelic classic.

A trip a page – a must read!

“Into The Void – Exploring Consciousness, Hyperspace and Beyond Using Brain Technology, Psychedelics and Altered-Mind States,” represents the next step in consciousness exploration and follows the mind and experiments of an amateur researcher investigating altered states of consciousness induced by the combination of psychoactive substances (aka entheogens) and mind modifying devices.

This research reveals that the ingestion of entheogens during specific mind machine induced brain states – theta, REM (rapid eye movement sleep) and delta – produce drastically different experiences than when psychoactive compounds and mind machines are used independently of each other.

His recent book: Into The Void – Exploring Consciousness, Hyperspace and Beyond Using Brain Technology, Psychedelics and Altered-Mind States, depicts Marti’s experiments with mind machines, entheogens, and psychological time travel, how the Zoe7 cluster came to be, as well as new theories on parallel universes and probable Earths, the mechanics of reality and existence, and the mind of God.


Reviewed by h.r.fox @ www.ultrafeel.tv

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  1. Zoe 7 rocks – What a fascinating book about psychedelics this must be! And the multiverse theory by Rob Bryanton is worth checking out.
    Thank you for bringing this review.

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