AC/DC – Did The Antichrist Feel Safe In New York City On September 11th? (And AC/DShe)

Monday, 11 September 2017

Famous hardrock group AC/DC released their song 'Safe in New York City' in the year 2000…

"…All over the city and down to the dives
Don't mess with this place it'll eat you alive
Got lip smackin' honey to soak up the jam
On top of the world ma' ready to slam
I feel safe in New York City…"

The song is about a man's journey through New York (probably at night) and identifying it as a scary place. It's about the man trying to convince a female companion to accompany him. He mentions the potential risks associated with going through the city, and describes an approach from a local woman wearing "tight assed jeans".

'Safe in New York City' is found on AC/DC's 'Stiff Upper Lip' Album.

This video shows the whole painful mess!

Does AC/DC represent the antichrist?
Did you know that AC/DC could be the abbreviation of one (or all) of the following expressions:

  • Anti christ / Death to christ
  • Anti christ / Children of devil
  • After christ / Devil comes

And yes, we have a female antichrist as well…:

There is an all-female AC/DC tribute rock band named AC/DSHe.

The band, hailing from San Francisco, covers only pre-1980 AC/DC songs, thus those written while Bon Scott was the lead singer.

The band was created in 1997 by Nici Williams and Amy Ward. AC/DShe has toured throughout Europe and the US and had a performance at the AC/DC tribute festival in Wales in 2004.

Significant media coverage began in November of 2001, with a feature in Details Magazine and AC/DShe have had national and international press since. Other gender-specific tribute acts include groups such as Lez Zeppelin and Mandonna.

And see what Harvard-Professor and LSD-Guru Timothy Leary said long ago in near prophetic foresight:

"Be prepared for a complete change of American urban technology. Grass will grow in Times Square within ten years. The great soil-murdering lethal skyscrapers will come down. Didn't you know they were stage-sets? Didn't you know they had to come down?


The transition will come either violently (by war) or gently, aesthetically, through a psychedelic drop-out process.


In any case, there is nothing for you to do in a collective political sense.
Turn-on, tune-in, drop-out."


(Timothy Leary)

AC/DSHe Lead guitar Pamela Ausejo – "Agnes Young"


More music from AC/DC on their site:

And AC/DShe rock here:


What do we decide to feel about September 11 in retrospect?

AC/DSHe Lead guitar Pamela Ausejo - "Agnes Young"

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  1. Cheers Stephinatrix!
    Hurricane Festival? Ja wenn alles passt dann auf jeden fall. Sehen wir was für aufregende abenteuer die zukunft bringt…
    Und die verzückung ist ganz meinerseits. 🙂

  2. Hello Föxchen….
    kommst Du dieses Jahr mit zum Hurricane festival? AC/DC spielen da zwar nicht aber dafür jede Menge andere hörenswerte Bands=)
    Dein Besuch hat ganz Bremen gar sehr geehrt und geradezu verzückt=) Komm bald wieder!
    See you soon,

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