Acrylic Bed ‘Sylvania’ By Richard Corrie Of Light Energy Studio

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Plastic elegance: Richard Corrie's plexiglas acrylic bed 'Sylvania' by Light Energy Studio.

Acrylic bed by Light Energy Studio
The Sylvania acryl bed looks classy and elegant, but still modern. It's yours for USD 20'000.–

Richard Corrie: Designer and artist.Who is Richard Corrie?
Founder of Light Energy Studio is the futuristic artist and designer Richard Corrie. Since 1988, Corrie takes a large step into tomorrow with his brilliant combination of light and movement and wondrous geometric designs. Richard Corrie describes this as "Light Energy".

What inspired his light energy art?
The Light Energy Collection was first inspired from his work with acrylic sculptures on illuminated bases. These original concepts then were transcended into the use of lighting projectors reflecting rich magnificent colors in picturesque wall murals, paintings, furniture and ornamental designs.

Richard's kinetic light art has been exhibited in galleries, lighting shows, design centers, music videos and the film industry. All his art is hand crafted and hand signed.

More of this amazing art-bed here: – acrylic bed

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