BeLoved, Wake Up! (By Ad Oostendorp)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pink flower in a water glass. (c) @ ultrafeel.tvDearly BeLoved, wake up!

Please, dearly BeLoved,
Please Listen,
From the very centre
Of your True Being.

Please allow yourself to be touched
By these words
arising from your own Self:

Wake up, wake up, please, wake up…

Wake up to the true and only
Longing of your Heart..

I come to you
to light the Fire in
and of your Heart.
To invite you
to realize
how deep
you’re Longing for Me

only for Me.

Dive deep into your Heart
Deeper than you ever did before..


Feel that pain of separation,
feel that true Longing
are One Fire

You separated yourself from yourSelf
Dividing Oneness into you and Me.

Now you are calling yourself Home
with these words.

I was whispering to you all your life,
As I do now:

Here I Am, Here I Am, Here I Am

But you only saw the reflection
of the pale moon
in the lake.

Now, allow Me to touch
the surface of those dark waters..

I’m not some reflexion,
I Am Here…!

See Me, feel Me, touch Me….

I am touching you now..

I’m all around you
and within you.
Closer than closeness.
Everything you feel,
Experience, sense,

Reach out for Me
With your love, your sensitivity.

You are not surrounded by empty

Beingness is My body.

You are loved by Me.
You are touched by Me.
You are sustained by Me.
You are embraced by Me.
You are even moved by Me.

You Are Me….

And Here I Am,
Calling for you,
Inviting your attention Home.

Sense Me,
Without and within,
with every cell of your body.
Wherever your attention travels
I Am There

Alive, Alive, Alive…!

I Am too much Alive
To be known, to be understood,
To be imprisoned by your tiny little mind.

In not-knowing
I will reveal Myself
as Yourself

Trust Me
Trust your sensitivity
Let Me move you
From within,
Not from knowing
Not from planning
Not from yesterday
Not from tomorrow

But from Innocence…

like the cry of the hawk
The spurring of your cat
The falling of the autumn leave
Like a dancer moved by music.

Let Me be your Music
Let Me flow through you
Your movements are mine,
Even your thoughts are Mine.

Your touch will be gentle
Your movements in tune.
Your eyes will shine,
Every cell of your body will dance
With Joy,
With wholeness in Wholeness
As Wholeness.
Without ‘you’.
Life, a symphony of Oneness
Ego just a dream
Forgotten, lost in delight.
My Delight
Your Delight
Welcome Home

(Ad Oostendorp)

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7 thoughts on “BeLoved, Wake Up! (By Ad Oostendorp)

  1. Very good, we are coming closer…
    So, who says this? Who says “I don’t know!”??
    The answer will cancel out the question – and then, what remains….?

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