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Friday, 6 July 2007

You might not know that, whatever your background, you actually could be an artist!

Good question my friend. This is a retreat for artists, and we spend our lives being told that we aren’t. Nobody ever gets validated as an artist, and so like God, we think of artists as somebody else, apart, above and beyond.

And so, to settle the question for you personally, once and for all, we offer this foolproof test. Nope, you don’t have to draw Binky – unless you want to. But through this simple procedure you will discover whether or not there breathes an artist’s soul within you. Ready?

Hold a small mirror or shiny spoon in front of your mouth and exhale your breath onto the surface. If it fogs, you are breathing, alive, conscious and human. Congratulations – You are an artist!

As arbiter of the Xara aesthetic, I proclaim you fully qualified, anointed and duly ordained – an Artist! See? You even get a capital "A" and everything.

2 thoughts on “Are you an artist? (

  1. Yep, you name it: It is enormously important to surround yourself with an environment which supports your creativity, or even your ‘craziness’.

  2. I love it fox! and I 100% agree, we are anything in life if we believe it to be so. and we all have the energy, the love, and the insight inside, we just simply need to allow time to develop and do, and we don’t accomplish this if we are living an uninspired life, and keeping ourselves distracted in an environment that is not supportive of our life, creativity, and adventures.

    try it out, everyday start telling yourself you are an artist, soon, you will see a wonderful and beautiful transformation!

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