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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Aurélien Pumayana Floret: Buddha Mandala (Photo: interviews Pumayana, the best mandala graphic artist worldwide.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience. What is your artist name? Where are you from, where do you live now, what kind of art do you create and how did it all start?
My name is Aurélien Floret and my artist name is Pumayana. I’m origninally from France but I have the chance to travel a lot now to show my creations. I spend a lot of my time in Australia where I feel very good and where I can create my art in a beautiful environment.

I create Spiritual and Visionary Art, especially mandalas based on Sacred Geometry.
All the pictures are "coded" with specific shapes, colors and messages, which affect those who look at them in a profound and sometimes life-changing way.

I started a few years ago, first in India, where I met Tibetan monks who introduced me to Mandalas and their meaning, then later in the Amazon with shamans. It’s an amazing journey to create this kind of art, constantly evolving, learning and using my life experiences to enhance my creations.

It all started five years ago when I decided to live the life I wanted and stop being told what to do… I left my job in a famous computer company, realizing that I couldn’t be free in this kind of fake world. Instead, I decided to follow my own path and do what I always wanted to do, create art and share my vision of the world with people. I did my first exhibition in 2005 in Paris and fortunately, it was a success. It was a sign that I was heading in the right direction and my first step on a beautiful path.

(Above photo by Boddhisattvas next to Aurélien Pumayana Floret)

3rd chakra: Manipura - by Aurélien Pumayana Floret. The symbol of the mandala is a constantly recurring theme in your art. Where does it come from and what is the deeper meaning of it?
Mandala means circle or/and center in Sanskrit. They have been used by many traditions and people around the World for a long time.

They are a representation of our universe and our consciousness and the connection between the two. They are made with specific shapes, colors, and "codes" which speak directly to our subconscious, making them very efficient.

They are like mirrors showing the reflection of our consciousness. They are used for many purpose like meditation (buddhism), medicine wheels (native american indian), glasswork and labyrinths in churches. Even in Western schools mandalas are now used to help students to focus better.

(To the left: Manipura – the 3rd chakra)

Mandalas are used in a religious/spiritual context:
Do you follow any particular belief systems or spiritual practices? Where do you find inspiration for your art?
Is your art inspired by the psychedelic experience with hallucinogenic medicines?

I really feel that mandalas and spiritual art are beyong any religion. Human beings in this crazy and unnatural matrix are disconnected from their spiritual nature and religions are the only "things" which, they believe, will reconnect their spirituality.

I think that now the "religious age" is over, we do not need any mediator to reconnect with our higher selves.
The vision is wider and beyond what the classical religions propose. We are sharing the same conciousness and aspiration whatever the religion. We are one and it’s time to understand and merge with our true holistic nature. Mandalas and Sacred geometry are efficient tools to uplift our spirits and reunite with the forgotten part of ourselves.

'Human Alchemy' by Aurélien Pumayana Floret
I find my inspiration from all traditions that use Sacred Circles. They are the keepers of a sacred knowledge which is very rich and useful at this time. I am also very inspired by this "new" kind of art found in fields… Cropcircles!

My creations also come from my life experience. My visions during meditation, dreams and specific work or initiations. I sometimes use sacred medicine to go deeper into the vision.
(See also: Chakras can be activated with psychedelics – not only yoga or meditation.)

I feel very inspired by nature and places that I visit. Also from people who cross my path and with whom I share a piece of my life. I like to keep up to date with the latest discoveries in quantum physics which bring a new vision of our world.

I am also connected with many artists, scientists, philosophers, investigators, shamans and seekers who share the same holistic vision and ask about who we are. Because at the end that’s the question. Who are we? And what are we doing here???

(To the left: Human Alchemy)

5th chakra: Vishuddha - by Aurélien Pumayana Floret.What computer system and software do you use?
I mainly start by drawing or painting sketches. I do the main lines using rulers, compass and pencils and a color palette to put down a rough idea. After this first step I scan the image and import it onto my computer. Then I start the long process of drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting etc… with photoshop and illustrator, all based on sacred geometry, Phi ratio and fractal geometries. After this, I print my pictures on different mediums.

When and where will we be able to see some new art/vernissage of yours?
Who are your clients?

My art is now displayed in France, USA, Japan and Australia. My next vernissage will be in Tokyo and Paris in October, and maybe in Sydney around Christmas.
My clients are very eclectic, which is wonderful. Everyone love Mandalas and Sacred Geometry, from young people to older, rich or poor.
I sell my work to therapists, yoga and healing center, trance parties, festivals, or people who just appreciate Art and collect it.
I would say that the mandala is universal and touches everyone but different medium are appreciated by different people. Party people prefer art on vinyl and art collector prefer it on Silver Paper and acrylic.

I work now on new products to display my art on, such as clothes, jewels, fabrics, cards… I will also publish a book quite soon. Otherwise I create movies and animations to play my pictures and artworks for parties or exhibitions, and people really love it! It gives another dimension to my art and really translate the vision which is always in movement. (Pic: Vishuddha – 5th chakra.)

Can interested people buy your art directly from your site? Do you also sell just the file of a picture so that people can print it out for themselves?
You can order my art on poster and canvas directly from my website if you are in France, and just have to contact me by email if you are anywhere else.

But very soon, it will be possible to order on line from all over the world as I am creating now a new website. Then it will be possible to buy all my different products from anywhere, in different languages.

I am also present on different festivals and do several exhibitions per year in different countries. Check out the updates on my website or join my mailing list to keep in touch. Hope to meet you soon!

Aurélien Pumayana Floret: Mandala art @ night market in Goa (Photo:
Spread the Light, Pumayana.

(Photo above by
Aurélien Floret at Ingo’s Saturday nightmarket in
Anjuna, Goa, India.)

More breathtaking mandala pictures on Pumayana’a personal site:

Aurélien Pumayana Floret - Sign

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  1. I LOVE the energy, colors, sacred geometry of your mandalas on this site. Your interview also gives your work a deeper perspective as to the hows and whys are what inspires your infinite creations. Keep up the wonderful work! Namaste! Tico

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