The Beatles Rock Band’s Stunning Psychedelic Animation Video

Friday, 20 January 2012

Brilliant psychedelic animation: The Beatles Rock Band's music video.

'The Beatles: Rock Band' is a music video game being developed by Harmonix Music Systems. The intro animation to the game is a thrilling ride into psychedelic magnificence. Excitingly creative, technically spotless, simply brilliant. Within two and a half minutes, the animation provides a brief representative history of the band's rise to fame, interspersed with numerous references to other songs from The Beatles, followed by more metaphorical scenes reflecting their studio albums. Make sure you watch it at least till minute 1:20 – that's the point where the absolutely amazing psychedelic action starts.

By using controllers shaped like musical instruments, the game will allow players to simulate the playing of rock music. It will consist of 45 songs by The Beatles spanning the band's career, along with virtual depictions of the band members performing the songs. Shortly after the game's release, future downloadable content for the game will be available, such as the entirety of the Abbey Road album.

Beatles Rock Band: Psychedelic VideoFormer Beatles members Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr gave critical input and their blessing to the game. George Harrison's son Dhani championed the game's creation and helped to bridge discussion between Harmonix and Apple Corps. The Beatles: Rock Band will feature virtual representations of the popular quartet and their ten-year career as a band. The game will be published by MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts.

Coinciding with the release of new, remastered CD versions of The Beatles albums, the game will be released internationally on 9th September 2009.


Produced by: Harmonix Music Systems and Passion Pictures
Director: Pete Candeland
Animator: Robert Valley
Background graphics: Alberto Mielgo

A high quality version of The Beatles Rock Band animation intro video can be seen at:

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