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Sunday, 5 May 2013

H.R.Fox ( and Kirsten Anais Miller - Interviewed by Georgette ( Goddess Georgette at interviewed the creator of H.R.Fox.

That's how she introduced him:


I want you all to meet FOX! Oh man, can I tell you how excited and full of LOVE I am at this moment…

FOX and I have been online friends for YEARS! My first memory with FOX was from our Vox Blogs. I grew out of that blog so quickly, and each time we bounced around to new platforms, we were always there together. FOX is an amazing person, full of creative and magical worlds.

You simply must get to know more and more and more. Someday we are going to meet in person, shone and I are really looking forward to that!

FOX will keep you entertained for life. Reach out, get to know this incredible guy. Regardless of distance in this world, a long time friendship is right at your fingertips.

Explore, frolic, and kanoodle on the internet. It's so much fun.

1. When/How did you first discover boho?
Oh my goodness, I can' actually remember! I just somehow got lost in the wide abysses of the net, and suddenly stumbled upon Bohocrush!

2. How much time does online community represent in your life?
Pretty much hours every day! Probably never before in the history of humanity was it that easy to connect with like-minded people.
We should use this great opportunity as often as possible!

Furthermore, through the power of language (and we have never written that much in history), we can change the world:

We create our own reality tunnels and hence partake in reality-creation through the use of our language!

3. In this current 6 month period, what are some of your focuses or priorities in life?
a) Help my new muse, the most amazing artista and painter Anaisis, selling her exciting art: I consider her the greatest and sexiest artist of the modern era!
b) Redesign my online magazine
c) Fight against the damn church-bell noise in Switzerland (yep, it's so loud here, it's actually really a serious problem!)
d) Find out who I am… (which is supposed to lead us to enlightenment according to non-duality teachers.)

4. In this current 6 month period, what are you hoping to deepen within yourself?
Cut all superflous, repetitive or generally negative thoughts. (Whenever I catch myself having one of those trash-thoughts, I donate 10 cents to people who need the money more than I at the moment. Although painfully expensive occasionally, as there are sometimes literally hundreds of negative thoughts a day, this works like a charm: I get less and less flooded with unneccesary 'brainstorm'…!)

5. How do you feel about getting naked and behind our lens?
I give preference to goddesses and gods more suited for this job!

6. How much do you enjoy viewing our photoshoots? Do they make you randy baby, do you get blushed?
I love Shone's photography! And generally the optimistic, life-affirming happy radiation of all the beautiful bohocrush-co-creator's artworks!

7. How often do you check in with bohocrush?
Unfortunately at the moment definitively not enough! I try to check in at least once a month, which is a shame, as I miss too much good art and sexy conversation! As soon as I finish my most important projects, I will visit more often. I might even embed your latest photoshoots on, we'll have a chat on that one soon!

Kirsten Anais Miller: 'Rocks on naked Anais' (by What artist are you totally crushing on right now?
My muse Anaisis, (you're gonna hear a lot from her in the future! Connect with her on facebook.)
Then of course Adam Scott Miller, Luke Brown, Alex Grey, H.R.Giger the horror artist from Switzerland (by the way, he has the same first and middle name as me, and is from Switzerland as well.) Then, yes, Georgette; I love your radical sexual honesty and candor!
and of course (I love honesty…) mySELF!

9. Care to share a fantasy?
…Bohemian intelligent women with the most beautiful and elegant high-class lingerie, wearing venetian arcane masks, sitting there in trance in front of stylish luxury-psychedelic art, looking in their eyes….endlessly… and then spank them into heaven!

10. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
In a mansion, or a castle. Or in Hawaii…

11. How does creativity influence your life?
Without creativity, without constant creation, the world would end immediately! So there is no choice for me. Sometimes I come up with new ideas every few seconds…

12. Are you looking to date somebody? Or just make friends?
In the long run, I wanna connect to all bohemians of the world through my own tv-channel. Connect to the ultrafeel TV facebook fan-page right now!

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? has become the tv-station every bohemian loves to watch for their daily inspiration!

Georgette at Burning Man 2008 (c) Shone Jen @ Bohocrush.com14. What is something that you want others to know about you?
That everybody who has something interesting to say, can come and tell me! And if you have exciting art to present the world, you should defintively talk to me.

15. What daily, weekly, monthly actions do you take for health and sustainability?
I maintain a daily practice of breath-biofeedback with a device called Stress Eraser. Very effective to relax.

16. How often do you masturbate?
Weel, masturbation which ends in orgasm actually leads to energy loss, as is known since the time of the old taoist-masters. (Although the ancient erotic sex-temples of India must have been quite a temptation…) Hence it's better to let the sexual energy circle around freely in the body. Of course, sometimes the energy is too explosive and other action must be taken…

17. Describe a dream date?
NO TALKING! Just looking into each other eyes…trance ensues…then the the male and female polarity gets so strong that what sex REALLY is happens fully by itSELF, no need to interfere…!

18. What is a current TV/internet media entertainment that you are into right now? ,,, The Simpsons, Mooji (Non-duality teacher) and much more…

19. What is your shyness level on a scale of 1-10?
I actually first mirror the shyness of others…but sooner or later, my real self comes out – which is most extroverted.

20. What is your favorite comfort food?
French food, Italian food, Thai food… I love radically fried stuff with hot and sexy spices!

21. Message to Georgette:
G., you are SUPER-talented and one most exciting expression of The Goddess – I want to see you become world-famous!

Oh FOX, you are SUPER-talented, I'm so thankful to share this beautiful journey with you. Bohemian TV come our way!!! I love you and am so thankful for all of our online adventures. Life with you! Pura Vida!

super love and hugs and kisses and boobie flashes!!!

Georgette: Bohocrush.comGeorgette, co-founder of, is one true bohemian sex goddess of the modern period!

We have met her already a few times here on this channel. Remember when she showed us her sexy bear in the desert?
Or when she posed the tricky question "what is better: sex or love", which lead straight into one of ultrafel's infamous classics story 'Sex, Love, God, Tantra And The Cosmic Orgasm'? And some more visualy candy: Georgette at the Burning Man 2008 festival!

In any case we will bring much more of this mesmerizing steamy lady, soon on this channel.

Meanwhile you can enjoy more photos of Georgette and her crew and even personally connect to her on the erotic community of the future:!

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