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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Brazil Report by
Life and Death, Eros and Thanatos, Pleasure and Pain – Feel it all in Brazil!


School kids in Brazil.
Cool kids on a street in Pecém in the district of Ceará.


Paz Eterna: Coffins right next to the street...
On their way to school, the children have to pass the ‘Plano Paz Eterna’ –
Buy your coffin for eternal peace right there!


Farmacia Bom Jesus.
Further down the road they pass the ‘Farmácia Bom Jesus’.
Lot’s of Brazilians are very Jesus-enthusiastic, as seen in many chapels and religious demonstrations.
(In this context, do you remember the ‘Express Jesus Bus’ from the infamous India Report?)

But even the strongest belief cannot prevent the end of life…the ugly faces of death are next:


Centipede eats bug.
This centipede feasts on a cockroach…


Dying dog
Dying dog on its way to the liberating end…


 Giant turtle dead.
Dead giant turtle; right next to it a dead pufferfish.
As this is how we all end soon enough, ponder this:

We should rather give flowers to the living than to the dead!

(Angel M.)

Of course Brazil is full of happily living animals as well, like this amazing lizard….


…this wonderful huge moth…


…or this tiny but cool bug!


Woman meets a donkey. 
This woman tenderly kisses a wild donkey in the desert near Taiba, Ceará.


 Kids playing in sand.
These are the kids of the poorest family in the small village of Pecém – they were also the happiest!


Shaman dance.
Shaman in trance next to the desert under the influence of the holy medicine.
(In this context, find out how to open your chakras with psychedelics…)


 Familiy at the beach sitting in the sea. 
Whole family clans sitting in the sea on the beach at the weekend. They did this for hours, actually, for the whole day…


Kids water.
Too hot in the sun? Cold water is the solution!


 iPhone vs. Stone...
The iPhone 3G has serious limitations as Brazilian newspaper Diario do Nordeste suggests in this coverage…


Roman castle house 
Fantastic ‘Roman castle’ architecture. Unfortunately the owner tried to sell it somewhat overpriced (USD 800’000.– a few years ago.)
Nobody bought it, so it is slowely but surely breaking down.


Design house in desert.
Newly built designer house right next to the desert in the Fortaleza area in Céara.

Now on to the Eros…:

Woman at the beach.
To the beach…


Hibiscus blossom.
Wonderful hibiscus blossom.


Goddess in red bikini in desert. Woman with hot ass in desert.
Goddess with red bikini in the desert.


Ass in Brazil at beach.
Brazilian girl showing off her body while relaxing on a fisher boat.


Woman with bikini on tiles.
Woman in submissive pose on a tiled roof.


  Naked man. Pool.
And one of those rare photos: The creator of, himself, naked at the pool!


Woman with red bikini in desert.
And what is going on here…?!


Mother with their children on beach.
Mother and her children…A happy family at the beach.

That’s it for the moment.
Keep watching this channel for much more soon

Bom Dia, Pura Vida and LOVE!

20 thoughts on “Brazil Photo Report

  1. Wo geht es hier nach Brasilien? Dein Report reizt, trotz Politikern wie Präsident Lula, eine Reise in den Nordosten Brasiliens anzutreten.

    PS: Ich bin gerade über eine Kakerlake gestolpert (nicht ganz, sie ist flach jetzt) – trotzdem, der Tausendfüssler auf dem Photo hätte mit seinen Saugkünsten geholfen. Es hätte nicht so geknackt unter den Sohlen…

  2. Die Bestattungsinstitute, die man in Fortaleza so häufig antrifft, werde ich mich wohl nie gewöhnen. Vor allem deshalb, weil Brasilien so voller Lebensfreude ist, finde ich es ungewohnt oder schwer nachvollziehbar wieso die, die Särge so prominent Platzieren müssen… Aber wie oben von anderen schon betreffend Kommentiert: Brasilien wie es ist – voller Gegensätze! Wunderbar….!

  3. These are such great photos! I am so impressed. It has increased my interest to travel to Brazil. Next time you are going there, give me some warning and I will prepare myself to join you. I am not sure which of the photos are my favorite because you have a wonderful apptitude for capturing the essence of something sensual even in death and decay! Remarkable! I am inspired to write! Namaste!

  4. Der Schatten zeigt was so gezeigt werden soll, dass es gezeigt wird ohne, dass es gewollt gezeigt wird und doch gezeigt wird. Gilt für Schamanen und aktiven Göttinnen.

    Die Fantasie zu beflügeln, das Geschenk für uns Fantasten.

  5. mr fox! bom diaz! THANK YOU !! what a wonderful report with very impressive and statement-strong fotos! you are good fotograf with a strong one look for the whole and with a lot humor 🙂

  6. Hello Mr. Fox, incredible good shots! “Goddess with red bikini in the desert” is my favorite.
    Anyway, without death no life – without life no death. Two sides of the coin who is life itself….

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