Photography Art by Bruno Fosi

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Have a look at this somewhat eerie but notwithstanding intriguing photography art by Bruno Fosi:

Bruno Fosi: "To the light"
To the light


 'Just living with friends' by Bruno Fosi.
Just living with friends


 'Eye Emptyness" by Bruno Fosi.
Eye Emptyness


Bruno Fosi currently lives in Gaia, Portugal. He likes David Lynch and Wim Wender's movies, listens to Led Zeppelin, Joy Division, Zorn, Bauhaus. His favourite artist is Hans Ruedi Giger and he reads Clive Barker. Other photographers he adores: Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Francesca Woodman.

(c) Bruno Fosi – Publication of all photos needs permission of the artist.

More of this great photographer/artist here: Bruno Fosi (

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