Bizarre Bugs Video By 1stAveMachine

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Video of bizarre bugs by New York based production company 1stAveMachine.

Avind Palep and Serge Patzak, founders of 1st Avenue Machine produced this video for musician Clark Throttle.

The New York based production company is a design company with focus on live action and 3D animation integration. The company services clients in the music video, broadcast, feature film and advertising segments.

Check out their site with spectacular graphic animation shows:


2 thoughts on “Bizarre Bugs Video By 1stAveMachine

  1. These bugs are fascinating – it’s like we are treated to the secret up close world of these bizarre little creatures. The centipede hits on a phobia of mine so that was a little unsettling & uncomfortable , but that’s okay…we all need to be challenged a little , lol

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