Chakras: Activate Them With Psychedelics – Not Yoga Or Meditation

Wednesday, 27 March 2024

See which psychedelics activate which chakras:


Interestingly, addictive drugs like alcohol, caffeine, or amphetamine stimulate only the lower chakras. To access higher planes we can try psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline – or use the relatively risk-free classics like meditation or yoga.

What’s missing on this illustration is (amongst others) Holotropic Breathing (by Dr. Stanislav Grof), ‘rebirthing’ – generally also known simply as breathwork or pranayama in the East. Breathwork exercises are an absolutely risk-free but very powerful method to change your state of consciousness. And it’s free by the way – so no excuses!

You shalt not prevent your fellow man from altering his or her own consciousness.

(Timothy Leary)

With each new chakra opened, your reality tunnel opens up gradually which improves your quality of life step by step.

8 thoughts on “Chakras: Activate Them With Psychedelics – Not Yoga Or Meditation

  1. why do u think drugs are illegal only does the government and the controllers of the world know that certain chemicals can unlock hidden gifts within the mind and go far beyond the limits of a 3d world

  2. I understand what you are trying to say. The comments negating your beliefs telling you to be more responsible are ignorant, after all this is the internet. Your spiritual journey is YOUR spiritual journey. Take whatever means you choose to. I think everything you said was through self discovery so I appreciate your thoughts on it.

  3. The image of each chakra presented is really helpful. When people take heroic doses of psychedelic substances and experience ego dissolutions, they might perceive it as an intense experience from the drug (aka just tripping balls).

    However, in order to have the chemical DMT released in the brain (aka having an ego dissolution), you are still aligning your chakras together, under unconscious manners. Hear me out. Focus is the opposite of letting go, and vice versa. However, when you meditate, you are focusing and letting go at the same time. And when you take big doses of LSD or magic mushrooms, you are only aware of letting go because the focus happens in an immediate manner, as they make you align your chakras as your cells in your body start activating automatically and responding to where you put your attention on.

    When you are completely sober, you have to align your chakras with your own mental effort entirely, by becoming in control of your alignment. Meditating sober requires self-control; the same amount of effort is required in focusing and in letting go. When you smoke weed, you get high as in you are in an automatic ‘let go’ state (weed can alter your state of consciousness too), it is usually harder to focus when high than when sober.

    But letting go is much easier. And when you do meditation high, it feels as though your chakras align much faster because you already have acquired an automatic feeling (the high from the weed) so meditating feels easier. Moreover, that’s because you don’t need to focus as much, you just have to keep letting go effortlessly (aka what you’re conscious of). So meditating sober would be 50% focusing, 50% letting go and meditating on marijuana would be 30% focusing, 70% letting go. And when you meditate on for ex) 1g of shrooms, it becomes 20% focusing, 80% letting go (since the focusing happens in the drug itself, so it becomes something done unconsciously). And when you meditate on for ex) 5g of shrooms, it becomes 5% focusing, 95% letting go.

    So basically, taking big doses of psychedelics will make your chakras align super rapidly (well only if YOU let it happen by doing the process of letting go as you put your awareness on your thoughts instead of what’s around you) and thus, the molecule DMT will be released.

    Once DMT is released, you feel like GOD. And yet you thought God was separate from you? Well once you experience what DMT feels like (aka what dying feels like because it’s a total ego dissolution like you’re dissolving like sand), you start to feel empowered, as though you are the collective consciousness, just pure energy and that’s what is amazing about drugs! Well, if you know how to properly use them of course!

  4. Supernice! May i mantion that muchrooms can take one all the way to the top as well? Make one with Rebirthing/holotropic breathing as well…

    People dont understand that we are alchemical beings made of consious energy, and drugs can help one visit states of frequency, ergo, help one contact higesr information to integrate, thats the point of the 4000+++ Psycoactive herbs in nature, because it all says someting about who we are.. So Thank You!

    Can you send a full format version of this picture i can have on my screensaver and share with my family?

    Many Thanks! Namaste!

  5. quote: or use the relatively risk-free classics like meditation or yoga.

    You seem to have no idea of the spiritual planes so I advise you to stop posting more information.

    During meditation/yoga you are opening up your energy field which means negative energies such as demons, ghost&co are able to access you easily and enter your aura. From my personal experiences with Ayahuasca ceremonies people who do meditate a lot or do intense yoga are possessed very often by negative energies and they need help. The negative energies need to be removed. On the other hand, I have had friends who after too much meditation ended up in mental hospitals…some of them never took drugs…not even coffee or cigarettes..
    Yes, whatever you do ( or write 😉 be mindful…

  6. Telling people looking for spiritual discovery that they can find it through opium, amphetamines, alcohol, and MDMA morally irresponsible. Not to mention completely absurd.

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