Charles E. Morrow’s Visionary Phantastic Surreal Art

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Visionary art by Charles E. Morrow: "Here I am" Charles E. Morrow is an exceptional and extremely talented visionary artist.

One can immediately feel that Morrow's paintings are but the outer manifestations of something far more, taking place within the artist and probably all of us. Like immigrants to a new land, this artwork brings with it, mysteries, excitation for the mind, joy for consciousness.

Morrow's artwork radiates a 'strange elegance' and at the same time a relaxing and meditative stillness.

The artist studied fine art painting, mural painting and life drawing for four years at the Art Students League of New York. His work is primarily done on a computer using 3-D animation software.

Charles E. Morrow's paintings remind of the inner world of lucid dreaming, deeply archetypal, psychedelic, surrealistic – and just marvelous! He himself wouldn't call his art surrealism though; he sees it as "fantastic realism".

Particularly fascinating is Morrow's statement about how his paintings come into being: He uses a technique called 'Automatism' which is "automatic drawing". Charles Morrow's work is also inspired by a near-death experience which was accompanied with visions.
Interestingly enough however, he feels that his work can  not be considered "emotional". loves Morrow's artwork! Scroll down and see more of this fantastic realism art, the interesting interview, and visit Charles Morrow's website to support this exceptionally talented artist.

How long have you been involved in art already? How did it all start?
Since I was five years old. I was annoying my mother, while she was on the phone. She drew a chicken on a pad of paper then gave it to me, and told me to try to draw that chicken. It was magic to me, I've been drawing ever since.

Visionary art by Charles E. Morrow: "I Am Through Time"

Would you call your art ‚psychedelic’ or ‚visionary’ or otherwise? Have you had experiences with psychedelic substances or have you ever had spontaneous visionary experiences?
Fantastic Realism. Although I try to follow the method of surrealism. "Automatism" automatic drawing. My work has too much elaboration to be true surrealism. I do try to tap into my unconscious using automatic drawing. I know when I've been successful, I'm overwhelmed by excitement. I feel like I had little to do with it's creation. A near death experience had the most profound effect on my thinking. And it was filled with visions.

Are your paintings a reflection of ‘normal’ nightly dreams, or the visionary spaces that can be accessed with the help of psychedelics and/or meditation?
I do meditate, I think it helps break down the barriers between conscious and unconscious. But I've never actually seen anything or had an experience while in meditation that would have lead me to create at work of art. The majority of my work is accomplished using the auto drawing method. I do some times use objects from my dreams.

Visionary art by Charles E. Morrow: "Burst"

Your work often reminds of the worlds one can encounter in lucid dreaming. (While dreaming you become suddenly conscious to the fact that you are actually dreaming.) Have you had experiences with lucid dreaming?
Yes I've had these dreams. I suspect the imagery that comes through in my auto drawing may be from the same psyche landscape as lucid dreams.

How does your environment and friends react to your art? Are there also critical voices?
Most like it, they say they don't understand it though. But then neither do I.
I don't get much criticism, most people just don't know what to think of my work. My work isn't political or religious in nature, those two views seem to draw the most critical thought. Most of my work is not emotional, I think that throws people off base.


Do you currently exhibit your art? Where can we see you in the future? Any vernissage in the pipeline?
I have no shows in the pipeline. My web page is the only way to see my work at the present.

What do you think is the meaning of art? And what is the meaning of life…?
Manifest, Desperate, Desires. Manifest, Desperate, Desires – Really! You didn't think I had the answer did you…?

Publication of the paintings need permission of Charles E. Morrow.
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And no Charles, we didn't think you had the answer to the 'meaning of life question'. Although…maybe it lies hidden somewhere deep within your art!

More of Morrow's superb visionary and fantastic realism art on his website:

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  1. Words will never do justice, still I’d say that Morrow’s paintings is visionary art at its best. How comes that this artist is not a superstar in the art-scene? I have never heard of him before.

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