Crocs Sandals Are Ugly

Monday, 20 October 2014

Crocs sandals are ugly. Here a light green one called 'Cayman'.For all fans, hard but true: Crocs are the ugliest shoes ever!

Crocs is a U.S. footwear brand that has found a fan base in Japan and other countries both among parents and children for its supposedly comfortable and flexible material that can easily grip onto surfaces.

Everybody who is not blind and really honest can however see immediately how dramatically ugly these sandals in fact are. But incredible as it is, they are not only unbelievably hideous, they are also dangerous:

The Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation has issued a public warning regarding the safety of wearing the offensively ugly plastic shoes on escalators.

The government urged people to be careful while wearing the popular Crocs clogs or imitations on escalators after 40 people were said to have their shoes caught, with one little girl injured. A consumer safety group reported 40 incidents in which people, mostly children, had Crocs stuck on escalators from late August until early this month.

One five-year-old girl broke her middle toe and three of her toenails were ripped off after her shoe was stuck on the moving stairs, said the group. Six other people were mildly injured including children as young as two, it said. The remaining 33 people reported that their shoes were damaged. (Meaning these ugly sandals are not as robust as advertisement suggests!)

Crocs sandals look like shit and make your feet smell!See what Maddox from has to say about Crocs sandals:

"When I see people wearing Crocs, I know immediately that we have nothing in common, and that we could never be friends or have any meaningful kind of relationship. They come in every color imaginable yet look bad with every other article of clothing ever created. The only thing that goes with Crocs is social ostracism.

When it comes to shoes, there are usually three deciding factors: quality, price, and style. Some shoes are cheap and stylish, but poor quality, while others are stylish and durable, but expensive.

Crocs usually go for $30-$60, which doesn't sound like much for a shoe, until you consider that what you're really paying for are melted pellets squirted into a cast-iron mold in some province in China. Crocs have the rare combination of being expensive, poor quality, and ugly. It's quite a feat for one shoe to suck this bad.

People who wear Crocs go on and on about how comfortable they are, and how it's supposedly odor resistant because it's made out of some kind of anti-bacterial foam. Great point, dipshits! You know what else it's resistant to? You getting laid."

Put your ugly crocs sandals in a mixer...! has this to say about the horrible Crocs sandals:

  • Scrapbooking housewives embrace the most hideous hot pink variation of the shoe. Do I want to be associated with that demographic? Will my shoes make me give bad first impressions?
  •  You do walk funny in them.
  • The sizing is odd – they run large because the shoes stretch out as you break them in.
  • You get pebbles, mulch, and dirt inside your shoes constantly.
  • The Crocs site advises you to "treat your feet to a new pair" once the tread is worn out.
    This a nice way of saying that once you have worn them to death, you will lose any traction once the shoes get wet. Some friends and I have almost wiped out on tile floors thanks to wet, treadless crocs.
  • And now for the weirdest Crocs story ever – they may be "anti-microbial" but they also absorb odors. After filling up my parent's car with gas like the good daughter I am, I discovered that some gasoline residue on the pavement had seeped into the bottom of my shoes.
    The Crocs reeked of Exxon-Mobil so badly my mom banished them from the house. Several hosings, scrubbings, and nights on the front porch didn't help. Finally, after a day or so of running around campus, the smell was gone. But now I have to watch where I step at the gas station.

Maybe this testimonial says it all about the peculiarities of Crocs-fan's which is an insult to our sense of aesthetics…:

Hi, I'm an English teacher who has two jobs. I live in Puerto Rico where the weather is warm all year round. I found that the Beach model is just perfect. Practically to perspiration and all comfort. I just bought it after getting the Athens, hey; I'm a beach boy!

Christian Arvelo (Hatillo, PR)

CROX. Crocs, Inc. Stock, chartFortunately, the stock market reflects this attack on our healthy sense of aesthetics and human dignity:

Since November 2007 the Crocs, Inc. stock (symbol: CROX) were tumbling – and currently, October 2014 the shares still fluctuate around the mark of only 12 dollars.

George Bush with ugly Crocs.
Yes, Crocs are fugly! (Fucking ugly)

And finally, can you stand this…:
Japanes husband and bride with ugly Crocs. shoes linked to 40 escalator accidents in japan – croc sandals ugly

15 thoughts on “Crocs Sandals Are Ugly

  1. I hate those awful things called “crocs”. I am happy to have my pair of Converse and a pair of Vans, I can’t believe that lots of people wear those ugly and ridiculous sandals with holes. Sometimes I laugh slyly at people wearing those abominations. One of the most awful looking sandals ever, made out from some weird resin there’s no excuse for wearing that in public, those sandals have no style and you can tell something is wrong with most of the people wearing them. I leave you guys a link about this topic:

  2. hey now, youre a rockstar, get your game on, go play!!!!!!! with my extensive research into the fashionability spectrum of crocs, i can conclude that the sole excuse for wearing crocs in a public footwear display is if and only if your crocs are the shade of green imaged above or if and only if they are being worn for a corn maze trek of more than one stalk. thank you for you’re time. ta ta for now, earthlings!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi
    I have just recently bought Crocs – not their traditional like you call it ugly shoes. But rather ordinary style (human). The quality of my shoes???? It obviously was designed for dead people in coffins. 40 days only and sole is gone. I trшув to contact the company but no reply.

  4. Bad shoes without cushion and support for your feet will cause you more trouble then they are worth. Going to the foot doctor for bone spurs is not a fun thing. Hopefully not advanced enough to make operating an option yet expensive enough to cost you 300 dollars for custom made orthodics that the doctor will tell you to wear forever. Yet you only will need them about 6 months. And shoes like these are the cause of it. Let alone heels which can cause a number of bad things to happen to your feet (Corns, bunions). Another reason you dont see many people running around in Chuck Taylor Tennis shoes. THEY ARE FLAT! Feet are not meant to be squished nor unsupported. I used to work in shoes and I sold a bunch of them. Try them on if your feet are not in heaven when you try them on do NOT waste your money on them. Flip flops are another shoe that is not meant to be worn are bad for your feet and cause disease by holding bacteria in the shoes. If your toenails hit the top of of a shoe do not buy them, they are not fitting properly. Try a different style. Not all styles fit on every foot.

  5. I have to say that I am guilty of wearing Crocs. As a woman, I have larger (size 9), flat and wide feet, and the Crocs have given me some comfort so my toes can spread out.

    However, I have found that the Crocs they are putting out today are garbage compared to earlier versions. The Crocs now are stiff, and you can try on two identical pairs of the same color, size, and model, and they will fit differently. I read somewhere that they are starting to make Crocs in China now, and that could explain the shift in quality.

    The last straw was when I was actually considering buying a pair of flops (I think it was the Crocs Flip) for $25 and found that they looked like something I would pick up at Walgreens on the way to the beach. No more!!

    I’m moving to Teva to get comfortable shoe needs.

  6. LOL! The person who wrote this review sounds like an immature yet pathetic loser who tried so hard to wrote negative review in professional way but FAIL miserably.

    Well to be honest I laugh everytime I read the part where he/she insulted crocs, the language just sounds too retarded and definitely obnoxious.

    Its just funny how people blame a product just because they had accident with it, accident happens everywhere, everytime unexpectedly with everything.

    Even a tiny plastic toy can cause accident, babies could mistakenly seen it as a food and ate it, which causes big problem, are you gonna blame all of plastic toys in this world for that? LOL

    Also it has been mentioned that escalator accident happens with every other sandal/shoes too not just crocs, lets say, a flip flop.

    So seriously, stop being a crybabies and stop blaming something for your own careless action.


  7. Ok, now.. Crocs… they are funny! Indeed they look very ugly make your feet smell emmbarassment to human kind, but awell its a pair of shoes… I’d never wear them but ai. Lets be a tad reilistic about this, if people choose to where them its their reputation loss, not ours. So we should keep our negitive comments to ourselves, well atleast too you and your friends.. haha. Anyway very nice website good debate towards the issue!

    Catch ya’ later gator! xx

  8. Hello Rich,

    thanks for your detailed and interesting comment.
    Of course it is way better to be productive in our communities and to try to make the world a better place than just wasting time by meaningless complaining.
    The idea is to produce footwear that is light, and anti-microbial and…endowed with a NICE design!

    Namaste! (It means: “I salute the divine in you.” And as we all are the divine, it actually means: “I salute mySELF!”)
    And see this:

  9. wow, someone has some anger and resentment issues me thinks.

    have you ever heard of:
    don’t judge a book by its cover?
    to each his own?
    live and let live?

    with people dying from natural disasters, people loosing their houses due to a terrible economy, etc..

    who really gives a crap what other people choose to wear as footwear?
    its like elementary school bullying.
    if you are different, you get picked on.
    omg grow up and smell the roses.
    life is too short to be negative and isn’t there anything productive you could do in your community to make the world a better place than waste time complaining?

    maybe you do not realize that some people have feet or back pain issues that are greatly reduced by wearing a footwear item that is so light it floats?
    and yes they are anti-microbial, i know it is a big word, try googling it.
    it is a closed cell design, hence odours cannot be absorbed.

    in closing i will say namaste; even if you do not know the meaning of it, i still send that energy to you.

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