Psychedelic 3D Light Art ‘Cubatron’ at Burning Man

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cubatron at Burning Man 2007 festival in USA.

The Cubatron seems to be one of the world’s coolest (and probably most expensive) trip toy. It consists of a circular 3D matrix of color-changing LEDs which look like ping pong balls. Each light ball is individually controlled within the group by a computer.

Amazing waves of color and light swirl around the cubatron which evokes the distinct feeling of a psychedelic trip. The light-changes however seem not to respond to the music, instead it just follows random patterns.


Here a longer version of the trippy psychedelic Cubatron in action at Burning Man.

It somehow reminds of the psychedelic 3D art installation ‘NOVA’ at Zürich main station in Switzerland.

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