Die a thousand deaths to finally live (by Laurence G. Boldt)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Supernove, exploding sun,star. Explodierender stern. (Sxc.hu)

The art of dying a thousand deaths

…Is your life any less a canvas because you do not paint?
Is your voice any less potent because you do not give it pen?
Is your soul barren of song because you compose no notes?

No, a thousand times!

Life well lived is the greatest art of all.
The art of your life is not a matter of talent.
It is a matter of mounting the courage to live.

It’s mounting the courage to see what your really are,
to be dazzled by the radiance that is you.

Mounting the courage to imagine what this world could be.
Mounting the courage to die a thousand deaths to live one’s life to the fullest.

(Laurence G. Boldt in ‘Zen and the Art of making a Living’)

Laurence G. Boldt’s website: Empoweryou.com

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