Dios and Diosa – Poetry by Katrina Feuerwald

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dios and Diosa

I am your Earth Your mountains and forests and cathedrals
Diosa, peach and red and round
I am your air unseen
you are surrounded by me
you live me
you live inside of me
as you breathe
in and out
of me, your Diosa.

My Dios, You!
My skin and my lips are dry for You
You are my oceans rivers and thirst gratifying
you cover
most of Me and you go
deep deep inside
of My most sacred,
most hidden
secrets unexplored undiscovered
from beginning of time, ever, end of time till
I conceal and keep them
only for You, My Dios, only for Dios Me

only You, my Lord and King
are able and permitted to
part my seas and my days
into the nights and you put inside me
all the little life in the depths of Me
Me, Dios.

You are my Corazon,

the fiery consuming raging
yellow orange red
center hiding
known only by Your
currents drowning furious dark blue black
storming invasions oceans
unseen to the outside of us
You, Dios, at my core enfolded by
the safety strength solidity of

And together,
We are Dios and Diosa
no longer attached at a
dead piece of a rock a rib
but by the corason, my core
your fiery heart.

One and the same,
our hot and red
your corason
dances and pulsates and thrusts
and makes me all
the whole of us turn
round and round and round!

and You, My Dios, shall
know and touch and taste Your Diosa
and worship adore and pray to that
which is Viviendo and known to be

Alive! My Dios! Alive!

and the Mind and Rock
shall be our slaves
to abide serve and follow only
our two living Bodies
and our Heart alive

and Diosa with her Dios
by desire
not by contract.
Why would I ever?
Ever leave Your, Dios, side?
Now that I touched and tasted You
if in my thought only
You!, my Dios,
You are my creator
You created Me!

unavoidably My Love
the Hour set and appointed
I shall be

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