Dogs Are Not Safe

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Little girl and her huge dog. Have a look at this dog, looks pretty placid, doesn’t it?

But hold on a second and see what this calm doggie turns into:

Ugly dog
Dangerous dog...
  Dangerous dog catches ball.
 Dog showing its impressive teeth...
Yep, this beast seem to come right out from Hades!
Dangerous sheperd dog
            and child. How about this German shepherd dog…?
Dangerous shepherd dog attacks boy. 
Rottweiler: Dangerous dog in newspaper advertisement. And look at this ad from a local newspaper:

Mr. Giggles, is supposed to be a well mannered great companion for children who performs lots of tricks…

(Though it seems to be a pit bull terrier not a rottweiler.)

Hmmm…are all dogs that terrifying?

Nope, we found this cool labrador, which should soothe our battered nerves!

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3 thoughts on “Dogs Are Not Safe

  1. I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous ‘article’

    ALL of the pictures, except the one form the news paper (not sure about that one) either show the dog playing or yawning (the 1st German shepherd one).

    If this was intended as a joke, then I apologize. I grew up with GSDs and love them more than any other breed (I have owned others) and can’t tolerate naive statements relating to photos of friendly dogs.

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