Dolphins (by Carmen Lario, Gloria Latorre and Alvar Montes)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

More dolphins that you ever imagined!

This video was shot in the Sea of Cortez between Isla la Guardia and Bajia de los Angeles. The guys on the boat filmed dozens of dolphins at the same time while fishing.

Enjoy this wonderful dolphin foto by Carmen Lario shot at the Costa de Mojácar-Almería:

Dolphin jumping. (c) Carmen Lario
(c) Carmen Lario

And this dolphin on its way back to the ocean by Gloria Latorre and Álvar Montes:

Dolphin jumping (c) by Gloria Latorre & Álvar Montes)
(c) Gloria Latorre & Álvar Montes

Congratulations to Alvar Montes, Gloria Latorre and Carmen Lario for these impressive photos with just ideal timing!

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