“The Fear Of Going In A Wrong Direction Is An Ego Trip” By Osho

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Womand looking at herself in water.…Even the fear of going in a wrong direction is an ego trip.
Why are you so afraid of being in a wrong situation? — because the wrong situation is very ego shattering and the right situation is very ego enhancing. In fact to think of the future is to think in terms of the ego. So remain with the moment if it is needed for your growth — that you should go in a wrong direction — it will happen. And you cannot avoid it, because avoiding it will be avoiding your own growth. You cannot avoid anything.

So whatsoever is available, enjoy it to your total capacity; respond to it totally.
Let this moment give all that it can give to you. And the next moment is going to be born out of this moment. If this moment has been rightly lived, from where will the next moment come? It will grow out of this moment. It is going to take on the same quality.
It is going to be a continuity with this moment. The next moment is not coming out of the blue. It grows out of you like a leaf grows out of the tree. It comes from your roots… it is nourished by your life juice.
So if this moment is lived rightly…. And when I use the word 'rightly', I don't mean in the sense puritans use it; I don't mean the meaning that moralists will like to enforce on it.

To live rightly means to live totally. It is not being virtuous; it is just being whole. The right is not against wrong or against sin. The right is only against being partial. Don't be partial, don't be fragmentary. And the right has nothing to do with any goal, any perfectionist's ideal. The right has something to do with the feel of this moment If you feel good, it is right. Easy is right. Happiness is right.

So celebrate this moment, enjoy this moment, delight in this moment — and the tomorrow will take care of itself.
Think not of the morrow. The moment you start thinking that you may go wrong, that you have to go right, the ego has entered.
It is the ego that is worried about its decoration — morality, good, virtue, respectability… some shoulds. So just remain with the moment, as much as possible and everything will go right. If this moment is right, everything is going to be right.

This is the definition of being right if you are happy in this moment nothing is going to be wrong. Happiness is a sure indication that things are flowing with the total; you are one with the universal.

Happiness arises only when there is a harmony between you and the whole... when there is no conflict, when there is no pain. Then there is sheer joy — and the joy is incredible because you cannot even find any cause to it. You cannot explain why it is there.
It is there unexplained, and it is utterly there, for no reason at all; it is simply there. It is there like a mystery. So live in the moment and by and by start dropping these tensions of the future. If you go wrong, you go wrong; nothing is wrong in it. Don't be a coward — be courageous. In life a few wrong things happen. In fact they are part of life.

You cannot weave a cloth unless the thread is put in such a way that each thread is crossed by another thread, the vertical is crossed by the horizontal; otherwise the cloth will not exist. A good man is simply good. He is a heap of thread; he is not a cloth. A bad man is simply bad. He is again a heap of thread; not a cloth. A whole man is both. He accepts God and devil both, day and night both.
And in that acceptance is transcendence. In the very acceptance you are neither good nor bad. You have gone beyond both; you become a witness. And that's what real sanctity is.

So don't try to be good and don't try to be right. Don't try to avoid the wrong and don't try to avoid the bad, because then your life will lose all salt. You will become tasteless. Saints are tasteless — at least so-called saints. A real saint has tremendous contradictions in him; he is paradoxical. He is both sweet and bitter. He is as dark as the darkest night and as full of light as the noontime. He's simple like a child. You can almost call him a fool. That's what Saint Francis used to call himself — and he is as wise as there is the possibility to be.

This is how it goes — exploding, imploding, exhaling, inhaling. This is how it goes — happiness, unhappiness; good and bad, right and wrong. So don't be worried about it. Simply trust life. I teach you trust — trust in life. So if sometimes life leads you into some wrong ways, go. Don't resist that moment; just go totally so whatsoever life wants you to learn from that experience is learned, and you can come out again.


Source: 'God is not For Sale' – chapter 21, Darshan Diary, Monday, 1. November 1976

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