Erotic Fetish Art By Natalie Addams

Monday, 28 May 2018

Natalie Addams presents her pin-up, exhibitionism, latex, fashion and fetish art photography.

School girl pinup: Fetish foto by Natalie Addams.

School girl pinup'
Photographed by Alvarado.


Natalie Addams' "Mash up"
Mash Up


Natali Addams' "Moselem" Violet hair and piercings.


Fighting for Dominance (c) Natalie Addams
Fighting for Dominance (By Mykal Binds)

Natalie Addams is an erotic art model and a design & production artist from USA.

Publication of these erotic fetish art photos need written permission of Natalie Addams. She can be found at:


5 thoughts on “Erotic Fetish Art By Natalie Addams

  1. Georgette, I knew you would love them…

    And another cool synchronicity that you know photographer Mykal Binds! Please let me know how the art exhibition with Shone in San Francisco turned out, and say hello to Shone.

    Pura Vida!

    (Regarding the tumbling…do whatever pleases your lovely heart!)

  2. wow! I love the pictures Fox! I would like to contact her and find out if I can tumble this post: tumbl meaning using a picture and linking back to this blog from my IMLABOHEME tumblr. 🙂

    I love that group photo! It’s amazing. and I just noticed the photograher from the last picture. Mykal Binds is a great friend of ours. Shone is going to be doing an art exhibit with him in June in San Fransisco. 🙂 Hooray!

    love you doll, so thankful for your posts! 🙂


  3. Natalie,
    you are a very talented fetish model. ‘School girl pinup’ is a superb photo and ‘Fighting for Dominance’ is plain simply…HOT!
    Hope to see more of your great art soon,
    Pura Vida!

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