I Want You – Erotic Poetry By Zayra Yves

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Zayra Yves with her art on background.I want you

I want you sweet as cinnamon, warm as butter on toast.
I want you in me soft, flickering as a candle flame.
I want you deep blue, abstract and painted in flowers.

I want you as a prayer written a thousand times, tucked in a pillow.
I want you aging, ripening on the vine, as pure as Burgundy, as Merlot.
I want you as a song five times a day in a hundred countries.

I want you as a risk, as a skydiver dives off a cliff.
I want you as a wish, as lyrical, as loyal as dolphins swim.
I want you loose as spilled milk, dripping down the sides.

I want you in me zipped as a twin, tight as a reason.
I want you midnight fragrant as African air, as distant.
I want you to play me as a harp, harmonica, flute or guitar.

I want you intoxicated dancing bare on a cloud in the rain.
I want you bright orange, hot as mouth blown glass.
I want you as a vixen, slut, love machine.

I want you as a saint, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Allah too.
I want you wrapped around my skin as a blanket on Christmas.
I want you sleeping curled under the covers faithful as a dog.

I want you aloof as a cat lounging on the windowsill.
I want you wise as an owl, royal as an eagle, free as a falcon.
I want you laughing, bubbling over, sparkling as champagne.

I want you as a mystery, a story, as someone I may have imagined.
I want you dressed, undressed, clothes over the chair, on the floor.
I want your name revealed in my world as someone eternal.

I want you naked, raw, exposed as an oyster on the half shell.
I want you to crawl out of my dreams to join me.
I want you here, now.


Poet Zayra YvesFirst Day of Summer 

At Capistrano and Highway 1
I am about sixty seconds away
from fourth gear 

his hand touches my knee slides my dress up past the red light 
and I drive it over fifty-five

as he fingers the underwear line pulls the lace aside
I open the juice of summer heat
like some kind of pear
some sort of whorish peach spilling in his open hand.

Ultrafeel.tv is proud to publish some of Zayra Yves' enchanting erotic poetry and touching intimate photos of hers.

Zayra Yves from San Francisco, California, is an exceptional poet with a great variety of themes. Her deep insights into the dualistic nature of life merges with the erotic reunion of the male and female energies into a spiritual, archaic and mystical image of existence. Her poems are inspiring, uplifting and breathtaking…tender, soft…and steamy!

Her poetry take us to that place that longs for love's magical touch, that place we tend to forget about in the midst of all of life's clangings and demands…
Explore more of Zayra's work on her site: Zayrayves.com

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  1. You sure know how to put it all together! Thank you so much for the compliments and for sharing my art with others! I am honored! Truly. And, I look forward to sharing more in the future….


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