Fox rides an Escalator

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A fox on a London tube escalator. This sly fox was spotted riding an escalator in the tube in London.

Kate Arkless Gray (29), photographed the fox on Saturday night as she returned home from a friend’s wedding.

Kate watched in amazement as the fox boarded the escalator at Walthamstow Central just after midnight to leave the station.

She said: "He was so casual. He just sat there a while before nipping under the ticket barrier and towards the bus station exit. Maybe he was trying to catch the last bus home."

Unperturbed by a gathering of late-night onlookers, the fox casually sat at the top of the escalator deciding which way to go next. After a while, the fox left the tube relaxed and easygoing.

"We were all just stunned," added Miss Arkless. "It’s not exactly a sight that you expect to see on your way home from a Saturday night out."

(Photos: Kate Arkless Gray / Barcroft Media)

Fox in an escalator.  

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