Nameless (Advaita poetry by Franklin Merrill-Wolff)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

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The Nameless

Above, below, to right, to left, all-encompassing,
Before and after and all between,
Within and without, at once everywhere,
Transforming and stable, ceaselessly;

Uncaused, while fathering all causes,
The Reason behind all reasoning,
Needing nought, yet ever supplying,
The One and Only, sustaining all variety,

The Source of all qualities, possessing no attributes,
Ever continuous, appearing discrete,
Inexpressible, the base of all expression,
Without number, making possible all number,
Containing the lover and the beloved as one,

Doing nought, remaining the Field of all action –
The actor and the action not different-
Indifferent in utter completion;
Diffused through all space, yet in the Point concentrated,

Beyond time, containing all time,
Without bounds, making bounds possible,
Knowing no change;
Inconceivable, yet through It all conceiving becoming;

Nameless ever and unmastered;

THAT am I, and so art Thou.

(Franklin Merrill-Wolff)

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