Life Fucks Virgins?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Nobody stays virgin – life fucks everybody…!

Virgins: fucked by life...!
Probably inspired by Kurt Cobain's "Nobody dies a virgin… Life fucks us all."

Henry Rollins said:

Half of life is fucking up; the other half is dealing with it.

(Henry Rollins)

Then, there was this revealing quote by David Jay:

Show me anyone, sexual or asexual, who isn't in some way fucked up and I'll gag, …The question she should be asking herself is not, "Am I fucked up?" but, "Do I need sex to be happy?"

It doesn't sound like she does, but the question is probably worth exploring with a best friend and a six-pack. If she concludes that she needs sex in her life, then there's an industry that will be more than happy to serve her."

(David Jay)

And finally see what John Wilkes had to say centuries ago about the subject…:

Life can then little else supply but a few good fucks and then you die.

(John Wilkes – 1725-1797) loves to hear from you. Does life really fuck everybody…? Your comment is welcome and encouraged. Pura vida!

2 thoughts on “Life Fucks Virgins?

  1. Nobody dies – because nobody is born… so life fucks itself. It is all masterbation – consciousness penetrates consciousness. This is the sex of Siva

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