God Is All And You Are It

Friday, 7 November 2014

Silhouette of woman, face, blue sky and sun.

God is not a 'who'. He is not a person.
God is the totality, the sum total of the whole existence.
God is not somebody: God is 'allness'.
I am God, you are God – everybody is God, all is God.




God is All…

Well, I think it's all God and there is nothing else…There is Only God and nothing but God…there is God and Only God and God is All There is.

There is nothing that is not God.

It's all God.

God is All that is and the only thing that is is God.

Everything is God…Everything, every iota of every unseen thing and every proton and cell and thought and idea and body and flower and sky and air and color and light and moment, and word, and voice and sound and feel and touch and sight, and wonder, and story, tear, and sigh, and mind, and heart and question and kitten and grain of sand and planet and nebulea and galaxy and every infinite star that shines the light of a billion years ago only to be seen now by eyes that shine with the light that is that star's same light and It is all God.

Past and future, everywhere anytime, all matter and no matter what you call it, it's all God.

Every dimension that exists. Every song that is sounded…

This is It and This It Is.

Whatever you want to name it….It is all God. There is no place in the entirety of the Infinite Universe that is not God.

It's all God.

The sleep, the dreams, and moring sunshine, the full moon tonight…God's Alone, God Being It All….All Being God…Nothing else Here, no other Presence but God Alone and All, Single, One, no other.

Whatever you think and whatever you don't think…there is only God being all that you think and all that you don't think….

Everything; always was and always will be ….there is nothing else here but God.

It's just one big Divine and Holy Being….no matter how you look at It….and God is the LIght in your eyes that look. God is looking and God is Seeing….There is No Other.

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