Gods vs. Heretics

Monday, 11 October 2010

Church RocketThe cathedral of self is built from and buttressed by its imaginary gods.
The only light that enters streams in through stained glass.

It is not God or Jesus that I am trying cast from their nest in the dream of personal autonomy. It is god-thinking that is the culprit and is the focus of intent.

Man and his god are like peas in a pod.
They are mutually co-dependent.
They need each other to exist.
Whenever one falls…….they both succumb.

The mind of man bolsters its delusional stance and its illusory persona with the idea that there is something bigger and better than itself.
It carries its crosses, crescents, flags and banners into its daily battle to keep its little homestead safe and secure.
It forms alliances with those predisposed to the same delusions.
They prod each other along the dark roads of the unknown…….winding ever downward into the caverns of their own imagination.

It doesn’t matter if one’s god lives in heaven or in a hole in Iran. One’s god can be a collage of "oneness", "advaita", "big self", "enlightenment", "hope", "love", "country", "charity", "guru", "vegetarianism", ancestors, movie stars or rap artists, web forums, crosses, crescents, flags, symbols, etc…

Ultimately all gods emerge and live in the hominid brain and as long as they are granted power over the dream-kingdom people will submit to their iron hand.
That’s alright for most folks. That’s their entire world. They are born and die……never having opened their eyes. That’s the dream.

But a few rebels will always be standing on street corners to speak of a far more open, flowing place just outside of the fetid little stagnant pools to which the mind of man gravitates.

The whole cast of gods and demigods…..saints and martyrs……icons and matinee idols….actors and politicians…priests and gurus……keep the sense of self centered and secure in its inferiority.

And when one shines a light into their lair……their keepers scurry around to protect them……they feign anger…..they posture aggressively and threaten recriminations or even expulsion from the group. They speculate on what their gods would do if they were confronted with a similar confusing circumstance.

Heretics are never welcome in any land….real or illusory.

(Toombaru @ Awakeningtothedream.com – forum)

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