Good Bye Summer 2009 ( Review)

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Woman in bikini on Verzasca rock river.

The ocean refuses no river.

 (Steve Coe)

Steve Coe‘s quote (from the song ‘Ever so Lonely’ by Monsoon
with Sheila Chandra) reminds us of the all embracing oceanic love,
which doesn’t make the slightest difference and accepts (us) all.

The photo shows the amazing Angel M. enjoying the last rays of the sun
on a rock next to the river Verzasca in the county of Ticino, Switzerland.

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The summer is over…

On 07/08/09 we celebrated summer on – by now, even the most homely of us have noticed that the heat is gone. At least weatherwise – here in cyberspace dozens of hot and fun-da-mental stories bubbled up!

Is the economical crisis soon coming to an end? Probably not yet; whatever the future will bring however, be sure that you don’t forget that true wealth is not just based on money alone. Psychic Martin Zoller‘s excellent essay on the four aspects of richness clarifies that.

On the musical side of life, we’ve heard some enchanting and intense Indian music: Anoushka Shankar rocks our soul with her orgasmic classical sitar performance and Sheila Chandra delights our hearts with her amazing and surreal Indian ‘beatbox song’.

Bruno Dayan honored us with his super-stylish erotic fashion art photography.

As always, ultrafeel dares a glance at the future: Industrial designer Alexander Kotlyarevsky’s minimalistic but super-sexy concept bikes wave at us directly from the hopefully not too-distant future. Futuristically looking, but 100% real in the here and now is Karim Rashid‘s Majik Café in Belgrade. And for all courageous travellers, enjoy this mind-blowing journey through endless space! Douglas Adams put it this way:

"Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the drug store, but that’s just peanuts to space."

We did not only meet some relaxed cats in this cool ad by M&C Saatchi visiting us, but also some bizarre elephants. Neogama/BBH, a Brazil agency, created this funny advertisement art campaign with an alien, a robot and a horse.

And then there is the world’s most sought after emotion: Everybody needs somebody to love by Iris Ellie and You in my imagination by Katrina Feuerwald touch our hearts. Some however might actually prefer the exciting emotion which can be found on the razor-thin edge between life and death: Ultrahazardous adrenaline-inspired wingsuit jumping! Erotic goddess and long-term ultrafeel-fan Georgette commented on these flying men: "That shit is bananas :)"

To survive something extreme as this, it would certainly help to be a human being who doesn’t blink an eye whatever comes. To reach such a state of inner equilibrium and peace, correct your mind until it becomes a crystal clear mind… Still afraid? Sam, the seagull who’s a shoplifter is probably the coolest and most courageous bird you’ve ever seen!


8 thoughts on “Good Bye Summer 2009 ( Review)

  1. Yep, Mona Lisa, Verzasca comes from the Italian “verde acqua” meaning “green water”.
    The water indeed has a greenish coloration – and is ice-cold. Nonetheless, many brave divers and swimmers, locals and tourists alike jump into this crystal-clear river.
    Pura Vida!

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