Grill ‘Zunder’ By Tät-Tat

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Tät-tat from Switzerland presents an innovative ‘barbecue’.

'Zunder' Grill Set with sausage by Tät-Tat

'Zunder' Grill Set with sausage by Tät-Tat How’s that for a cool barbecue solution…?

The Zunder by Swiss company tät-tat is an uncommon ‘set fire to grill’ set. Whatever you need for a respectable barbecue is Western union money transfer there: A cervelat sausage, firewood, straw and a box of matches. The black string is made of used bicycle inner tubes.

Seen at the ‘Blickfang’ design trade fair, November 2010 in Zürich.

Order it here: – zunder grill set


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