Hippie Hitchhiker And His Dog In 1972 By Charles O’Rear

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Photographer Charles O'Rear brings us right back to 1972 with this amazing photo of a hitchhiking hippie and his dog.

Hitchhiker with His Dog In 1972 By Charles O'Rear.

Original Caption: Hitchhiker with His Dog, "Tripper", on U.S. route  66. where the 66 Crosses The Colorado River At Topock in Yuma, Arizon, USA. Photographed in May 1972.

Charles O'Rear is also famous for his ubiquitous photo 'Bliss', which shows the rolling hills of Napa Valley in Sonoma county, California. It was used as a standard wallpaper in Windows XP:

Hills of Napa Valley: 'Bliss' by Charles O'Rear.

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