I Stay Here – Katrina K. Feuerwald’s Poetry

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sad woman sitting on a chair silhouette (Photo: Sxc.hu)

I stay here

I do not understand,
what I am doing here,
when I just found you
and you are there.

My mind sends
a momentary impulse
to all my muscles:
Get up, go be with him!
Now! What else is more important?
Why should he have to wait?
He wants your love now
and he deserves it.
Deserves all you can give
and more!

And the impulse comes,
and I ignore it.

There is you and there is nothing else
that matters more.
What the heck am I doing here?
All so stupid and
compared to making love
to you.

What if he does not want to
love you later?
Why should he wait till you are
all done and ready
with all this stuff
that has no point
without him?

I want to go to you
and wrap my arms
and legs
around you,
my heart aches to give you
all, all of me
all I ever had,
all I have,
all I ever will,
to put it at your feet
just take me…
What am I still doing here?

And my answer?

The impulse comes —
“just go!
there's the door and
there's my car, and…”

I stay here.

Katrina Feuerwald© Katrina K. FeuerWald


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