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Thursday, 17 April 2008 India Report 2007 - 2008

Shocking and exciting India

India is a drug, a trip, stunningly chaotic, an inferno of noise, dirty beyond belief, an utterly strange and confusing mix between pleasure and pain… 

Yoga meets honking horns of trucks…meditation meets goa trance…the internet age meets the stone age…

But there is also incredible beauty to find.
And as always, ultrafeel brings you the radical whole spectrum of feelings.

Scroll down and see this unbelievable country through the reality-tunnel of @ at Havelock Island, India


Indian Bollywood actresses: Not all are in good shape...
Not all Indian Bollywood actresses are in good shape…

However the fitness of the Bollywood stars, some of them really don't have a very good time in India as this story of Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni dramatically demonstrates us:

Mamta gained fame after posing topless (but with her arms crossed over her breasts) for a photograph that appeared on the cover of Stardust, a popular Indian film magazine in September, 1993. She was charged under India's obscenity laws, and found herself under attack from both conservative religious groups, and women's groups. The outspoken actress lashed out at protesters, calling them hypocrites.

Kulkarni was finally convicted in July 2000, and fined Rs 15,000. However, this caused yet another controversy because she appeared in court in a burqa to evade photographers, which led to death threats and protests from the local Islamic community.

Mamta Kulkarni (Wikipedia)

She recently said in an Indian newspaper: "I'm to sweet and innocent for this industry."…


Post office box on Havelock / Andaman Islands
This is the mail box of the main post office on Havelock, Andaman Island!


Police warning traffic sign in Port Blair on Andaman Island.
Police accident warning traffic sign in Port Blair on Andaman Island.


Truck in India with "Horn" sign on it.
If the above police warning doesn't help, trucks like this one want you to blow the horn –
which mainly leads to an inferno of noise, and certainly doesn't prevent accidents!

Indians cannot even be quiet in their temples. They happily chatter away the grace of their gods…
The Indian people literally seems to be addicted to noise. The utterly unnecessary, constant and neverending honking of the horns of their cars, trucks and even rickshaws (Tuk-tuk) gives dramatical testimony to this noise-addiction.


 Express Jesus bus in India.
And yes, even this 'Express Jesus' bus honks its horn too much and too loud…


No spitting and no smoking in bus in India.
Smoking and spitting is not allowed in this bus.

In this context: I travelled with the bus from Calangute to Bangalore: There was no bin inside the bus. So I tried to put the litter in a small shelf in front of me. The bus 'service guy' sees this, says "no" and throws it out the window…
That's exactly the reason why the whole country is becoming more and more one huge accumulation bin of garbage!


"Powerful Restaurant" sign in Havelock Island, Andaman
The 'Powerful Restaurant' offers food "in cheap rate" at Havelock Island…


Original Fake leather bags shop advertisement, ad, in India...
At least the leather bags of this shop are originally faked…!


Beach at Havelock, Andaman Islands, India 
Crystal-clear water in Havelock, Andaman Islands


Beach at Havelock Island, India
Havelock beach Nr. 5 at low-tide


Indian people with steel sheet jugs collecting dirty water to drink! Seen in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Not so clean water in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

This family collects dirty water from a runlet next to the street with steel sheet jugs. Upon request, they confirmed that they will drink this water… Still, see the fascinating energy the young girl radiates!


Sadhu praying. Tiruvannamalai.
This Sadhu, (Holy man on a spiritual search for enlightenment) although looking very traditional,
prefers clean water out of a plastic bottle…


Complex fig tree at Havelock, Andaman Island
Unbelievable roots of banyan (Indian fig) tree at Havelock Island.
(It will slowely but surely completely cover the tree on the left, and in the end kill it.)


Jesus Christ and Krishna together on a poster in Havelock Island, India. Waterfall picture. (cr)
Jesus Christ and Lord Shiva peacefully together on this poster at Havelock Island.
And below the two spiritual men, one of these cheesy, artificial landscape pictures which are typical for India.


Miranda. Angel-like Guru and Satsang (Non-Duality) teacher in Tiruvannamalai.
Miranda, an advaita (non-duality) guru-teacher in Tiruvannamalai.
Although she seems to kind of play an angel, her talks were surprisingly good.


Mooji. Moji. Muji. Guru and satsang teacher, taking a bath with ladies. Tiruvannamalai.
Mooji, another advaita-guru, taking a bath with some sexy esoteric bunnies,
in a pond where usually Sadhus (holy men) take their bath.
Mooji's talks were excellent, and I highly recommend to check him out.


Rocks in the sea, Arambol, Goa
Black rocks in Arambol, Goa


Woman climbing rock in Arambol beach, Goa
Women on rocks, Arambol, Goa


 Girl with flower in front of Arambol sea, Goa
Remember the Hippie time…?

Nowadays, most of the real hippies left, as parties which play loud music after 22.00 are prohibited by the government. Of course, lots of bribing of officials and police is going on, so one can still find those legendary goa-trance parties. However beware: Prices for illegal parties are beyond good and evil… Bribing is expensive!


Woman and the panorama at the sea of Goa
Dreamy sea…


"Rest in Peace" resort in Arambol, Goa
The Shree Sai Cottages in lake side Arambol offered tourists to "Rest in Peace" –
then somebody told the owner what rest in peace really means…


Dr. Jay Kumar Deeksshit says that diabetes can be cured - but why did he choose such an 'unhealthy' looking portrait photo...?!
Dr. Jay Kumar Deeksshit says that diabetes can be cured without medicines –
but why did he choose such an 'unhealthy' looking portrait photo…?!


Lohadrava Pharmacy (Dr. Mohan's patent) recoomends "1 Dose Epilepsy" India
Lohadrava pharmacy recommends Dr. Mohan's patent: "Epilepsy 1 Dose"…!
(What in the name of Ganesha ((Indian elephant god…)) does this mean!?)


Politician/Politics advertisement at a street with Sadhu (holy man) in Tiruvannamalai, India
Indian politicians are famous for being corrupt. One can easily see this fact on this street-advertisement campaign.


Monkeys (Mother and child) eating Coconut, around Arunachala Mountain, India
Monkey mother and her baby eating a coconut at Arunachala mountain, Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu.


Goddess with naked breast, breasts, tits in Shiva temple, Tiruvannamalai. (cr)eated by
Goddess with large naked breasts at the Shiva temple in Tiruvannamalai

Incredibly enough, although most Indians are totally prudish, they portray goddesses who show their revealing huge naked breasts, hell, they even pray to them in some temples!

A German in February 2008 in Tiruvannamalai had this to say about the incredibly prudish Indian people:

Especially annoying is the strange prudery of the Indians – anyhow the fuck like rabbits and bear children like pigs!

Ein Deutscher im Februar 2008 in Tiruvannamalai über die sensationelle prüderie der Inder:

Was mir besonders auf die nerven geht ist diese seltsame pruederie der Inder – trotzdem voegeln sie wie die hasen und werfen wie die saeue!

And this in a country where lots of 25 year old males are still virgins – and they readily admit this fact!


Holy cow, bull, at Arambol, Goa, India
Finally one of those famous holy cows, or rather in this case, a holy bull in Arambol, Goa.
(Although Goa is not considered to be the so-called 'cow belt'…)
What is this bull staring at? The next photo reveals it:


Topless girl and sexy model posing next to a holy cow in Goa, India.
Topless Russian girl and another girl showing off her ass while posing next to this holy cow. Holy shit!


Sexy girls posing and another one doing meditation next to holy cow in Goa, India.
Here another young Russian lady meditates next to the her holiness, the cow…
(Yes, there are alot of Russians in Goa!)


Woman with red scarf. (cr)eated by
Goddess in red at an Indian beach


This ad in  the 'Bangalore Mirror' newspaper says that they can turn your baby into a genius with a "Multiple Intelligence Program"...What else happened…:

– See the picture on the left. This advertisement offers a "Multiple Intelligence Program" for babies…!

– Airtel: From Chennai (former Madras) to Andaman Island, Airtel sent the shortest advertisement text-message you can possiby imagine – they simply sent a text message which said: "Bye."…
And by the way, as soon as you get an Indian prepaid mobile phone number (give them a passport copy and one photo and you will get one) advertisement companies start calling you virtually daily on your phone via very annoying recorded announcements!

– At Palolem in Goa, at a Dolphin-boat trip, the skipper told us: "You can swim. Dolphin no bite, Dolphin friendly!"

– Goa (The Mallorca of India…) is a popular holiday destination but has been plagued in recent years by fatal drug overdoses and violent sex attacks on women. According to the Times Of India, 126 tourists have died in Goa over the last two years.

– In the 'Times of India' a guy called Raj said regarding the sexual harassment/molestation of two women by a mob of about 70 people:
"Everything comes with a price tag. If you want to enjoy clubbing at late night and stroll in the streets of Mumbai as if it's Switzerland you can't expect people to welcome you with flowers on the roads…"
The Times of India asked on January 5th 2008: "Is India becoming increasingly unsafe for women?"

– Indian homes receive about 300 TV channels for an average of 150 Rupees a month – although 50% of Indian homes still don't have a TV, 40% still have black and white TV's and 95% of Indian homes still have just one TV.
('The Hindu' newspaper, January 2008)

– For 3'000 Rupees one gets an idendity card (one must present a photo, even a fake one, and a 'fantasy birth certificate'. For 2'500 rupees one gets a driver licence. From the 15th January every inhabitant of Dehli needs such an ID.

– India's internet user base is expected to reach 100 million by the end of the decade, an Indian newspaper says.

– As mentioned above, India is now full of Russian tourists. In 'Paradiso' nightclub in Anjuna, Goa, I met a Russian blonde woman. After finding out where I'm from, she didn't know where Switzerland is! She really had no clue – she seems to have never ever even heard the word!

– Indian shop assistants are regularly annoying tourists (and locals) by constantly shouting:
"Come to my shop, come to my shop! Very cheap price. Just have a look! Bla bla bla…"
And no, they won't accept a "no"!

– A woman in guesthouse 'Amigos', Anjuna, Goa, had been bitten by a dog. She looks for the landlord and informs him that she will go to the doctor. The man looks at her flabbergasted and exclaims: "Why do you go to the doctor, the dog is ok!"…

– Hotel 'Regency Deluxe' in Bangalore: I needed a cup for taking some medicine. I asked for a cup; the boy said they have no cup, but I could use the 'mini bucket' standing in the bath room. This little bucket is being used to clean the toilet…!

– Actor Richard Gere, as a Swiss newspaper recently said, is again allowed to travel to India. The supreme Indian court has decided  that, after he was accused of "obscene behaviour" because he kissed Bollywood-actress Shilpa Shetty. Kissing in public in prudish India is considered a taboo.

– The Goan newspaper 'The Navhind Times' ( advertises itself with: "The Newspaper You Can Trust"
(Although everybody knows that the only news magazine that actually can be trusted is…)


Children with hypnotic eyes in Havelock, Andaman Island. (cr)eated by @
Children with hypnotic eyes on Havelock, Andaman Island.
(Which is the enlightened child…?)

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  1. If you think India is “bad” by visiting the south of India then believe me man you haven’t seen anything yet. Come to West Bengal (a state in East India) and see for yourself what HELL is like. There is a daily dose of disturbance as some as*hole is getting married! Yeah I know that sounds crazy. Every wedding in West Bengal is accompanied by bursting of atom bomb like fire crackers which makes sound like hell. And not “one” boomb sound but a evening full of booombs! It happens nearly everyday.

    It really drives me crazy and I cannot concentrate on my work. It really makes me think am I the only civilised person in WB? You cannot call the police in West Bengal because they are the personal security guards of the State Government. If some political party’s (especially the ruling party’s) ass licking fellow is making the disturbances, then the police will in turn come and arrest you for complaining against the miscreant.

    I really wish I had the bucks to leave irritating India to some peaceful country and lead my life in a little peaceful way.

    I suddenly stumped across this post and thought like commenting.

  2. Indians are garbage => India is a garbage dump. The filthiest, dirtiest, ugliest country the whole fcuking world. India is a disgrace to humanity. If an bunch of Alieans land of this planet and had the unfortunate circumstance of landing in filthy sh1thole India, they would definitely not stay more than a day. They would flee with their holding their noses never to come back. This entire planet will be blacklisted for sure.

    PS: Indian average IQ is only 81. So that basically says almost everything about them. Just to show how backward they are how low their IQ is, compare to Singapore’s IQ (a whopping 103). Go figure.

  3. Fox,
    I thought of starting this comment with an abuse to you. But then I remembered an saying which roughly translates to ‘If you are charging me for 1 Kg & gives me 900 Grams, you are the one who becomes 900 gram, I am still taking my 1 Kg home’. (Don’t try too hard if you can’t understand it, its probably meant for ‘stone age’ Indians.
    In reply to you venom spitting for India, I can do the same for you, but then again that would make me 900 Grams as well. However I surely want to clarify few points.
    – You are repeatedly making fun of improper usage of English (a foreign language to Indians). However, please remember, number of native Indian languages would be more than you can learn (@Mia, that goes for you too.) If you think Indians lack the language skills possesd by you, please try speaking ॐ नमोह शिवाय, ॐ नमोह भगवते वासुदेवाय (its a simple chanting for remembering god which Indians can do in their sleep. Don’t blame yourself if you can’t do it, as it is in a foreign language for you.)
    – For your views of ‘drugs problem’ in India, please remember this problem is introduced in India (& to the world) by ____ not by Indians. (Use your intelligence to fill in the blank.
    – Indian are proud virgins till marriages because they are not sex maniac like some other culture. We don’t let everyone play with our body just for the sake of fun. We don’t like to discuss sex in full view of public as we still have some shame left in us when others are running to win the race of shamelessness.
    I can go on, but your site is not worth it.
    @Bill, please wake up. You are not Indian. You might have been born or even brought up in India (though I doubt even that part), but that does not make you an Indian. Being Indian is a state of heart (& mind) which you do not have. You’d enjoy when someone tries to make fun of you mother, no, that’s not being Indian.

  4. Appreciate your honesty in posting all responses but please be real, not sensational. You’re description of Mooji
    was a cheap shot. He deserves better. You didn’t really
    Think before you put mouth in gear. Maybe next time
    you will do yourself better.

  5. Hi, I am an Indian and I enjoyed the post and the lovely pics of Russian chicks. wow, you so right about Indian’s. I hope ppl from India see this and change their attitude. ‘Dave’ who so ever fuck you are, you just show how cheap you are, you can be used as the last example to show how cheap Indians can get.

  6. Namaste Deavy,

    We have received lots of criticism to our critic of India – but none as hateful as yours…

    Anyway, you are certainly right: It’s indeed Lord Shiva, not Krishna, thanks for pointing that out.
    Concerning killing the creator of – nope, that won’t happen; there is still some important things to do – death will happen soon enough anyway…!

    Enjoy and pura vida!

  7. “Jesus Christ and Krishna peacefully together”

    its lord Shiva not Krishna.

    get you’re facts right.

    well this shows how much you know about India…..Obviously you dont know shit about India.

    stop being so hateful…there are better and brighter things in life.

    People like you are the reason for terrorism these days. you’re parents should be ashamed of’re of no use to this world…do a favour to all of us. JUST KILL URSELF.

    if thats u in the black and white pic at the top then honestly ur really ugly…..Eww ur ears and nose.
    i would kill myself if i had a homoface like you. LOL

  8. Look at the first lines of it: “India is a drug, a trip, stunningly chaotic, an inferno of noise, dirty beyond belief, an utterly strange and confusing mix between pleasure and pain… ”

    Dear, you don’t know a shit about India, except your VERY NARROW view on it from your own, undeveloped an immature perception and probably a month or a few on traveling here. As reading this: “Jesus Christ and Krishna peacefully together” – I suppose you’re no Indian, as no matter what religion you are, be you Indian or even a “local gora”, you’ll name it. So, stop showing here your dirty panties.

    India is not for you, as there’s no middle – either you love it or you hate it. You will never stop complaining in your life on such a things which are posted here and it will follow you until a day you’ll get aware of things which are beyond of this pictures.

    I could show you a pictures from around India and India itself, which beauty of it would make you cry – from Andamans to Himalayas, from Kanyakumari up to Srinagar – I saw a lot, I’ve been there, I lived that – I’d blow you mind with a beauty of those lands and mix of cultures, which you were here having a chance to learn at least somethings from it.

    Seems you didn’t get it at all. Is not you are here to put a shame on India, you putting a big shame on yourself. Grew up, no matter what age you’ve done, sounds like you’ve got still a long way to cover.

  9. hey man,
    u talk a lot about india, but how can u forget about your culture, why don’t don’t u tell us something about whites as well, ok u don’t need to say anything I will remind u the facts about westerns.. u talk about indian god, now let’s talk about your god, I heard he was a son of an un married lady and u say that she was a virgin, how poor and fake I don’t think they had test tubes in that era. u say in india they drink dirty water, please let me tell all these people about your healthy and clean people who eat the shit of other people… yes real shit straight from the anus, and your blondes and brunetts who love to drink the sperm of men and animals like dogs, horses and pigs…, and u may know that they can drink the cum even straight from anus which was left inside by a man, how ugly and ridiculous u people are … watch orgish or zoo tube if u don’t believe it or surf on the web…u talk about drugs let me remind you about your culture where people start smoking and drinking in the age of 10… And there are so many other things we can talk about for example your girls love to get pregnant in the there teen age like twelve or thirteen, and they post their pics and videos on the net without any hesitation, and they do have countless partners on the bed which they feel proud of. Your children are the smartest children in the world because once they don’t need their parents anymore they don’t give a shit on them. There is no doubt about the racism in all of your countries its so common.., and robberies, larceny, threats, voilence..ur kids seems like love to do it when they can’t get money from anywhere else to buy the drugs, and they start doing these things in their early teenage… BY POSTING THIS MASSEGE I’M NOT SHOWING OFF ANY FEELINGS OF RACISM OR DISRESPECT ABOUT YOUR CULTURE BUT THE ONLY THING I WANT IS THAT STOP PICKING UP ON OTHER COUNTRIES, FIRST LOOK INSIDE YOUR HOME, THERE ARE A LOT OF BAD THINGS GOING ON IN THERE.. YOU DON’T HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO INSULTING THE OTHER COUNTRIES…. GOOD BYE…

  10. hey, buddy…u r really a good photographer
    and u captured a real , india …i appriciate
    but there’s a little problem with ur study & knowledge about india…..well ..ur comment on indian’s about being prudish. may b correct ……
    as the godess, shown in ur pic..belong’s to an era
    when nudidity was cherished but only in the context of GOD
    and there is a huge difference between, our past & present…..:)D

  11. Hello Cat,
    Yep, India is indeed incredibly absurd and weird but also fascinating – like a psychedelic medicine! Thanks for your link to Axel Lauer.
    I knew you will be enchanted by this – and there is so much more to come…for our pleasure!

  12. fox!

    what a great show and journey I have been on!

    I feel like I have walked the streets of India

    oh how I am so looking forward to traveling!

    you capture so much love and silliness!

    I love it!


  13. @ Blondiva: Yep, Cambodia might be an exciting adventure as well, let’s see whether I will be in Asia again in August. Anyway, let me know what’s going on there!
    @ Marky: Yep, enlightenment is pretty much closer than ever before… Enjoy yourSELF!
    @ Mia: Oh yeah, the con-artists with their ear buds… What to do, the Indians find very creative ways to rip you off… Anyway; Rest in Ecstasy! 🙂

  14. hey hey fox…. you have literally had me in fits of laughter, was so nice to recieve an overview of crazy crazy india….
    “rest in peace they say”….your better off dead! im glad somebody told them about it although im positive that even so they would never change a thing.
    did you ever have one of those guys come up to you with a giant sized ear bud, begging to clean your ears for you? their so funny…
    there’s definetely a lot to laugh about when it comes to india but also the opposite end of the spectrum. sometimes i felt like pulling my hair out from the insanity i was surrounded by and at other times i could not stop smiling because of the diversity and unique nature of all things.
    India….truelly amazing!
    thanks fox

  15. Hey holy Fox, welcome back!

    I thout u get the enlightment in India…
    (ok, some got u now) and that u would go into the holy yogi/guru heaven.
    … I understand there is to much competition… oh holy cow!
    nice pics, I woul like to see more of them!

    …and to feel ur privat and spiritual moments on ur trip.

    om shanti

    ~ ~ ~

  16. Hallo Fox, man oh man – das sind ja einige super Photos gelungen…! Freue mich auf baldiges Wiedersehen im Hier und Jetzt oder wo auch immer!
    Alles Liebe von den Bremer Stadtmusikanten!

  17. fox, verrrry delighted to see you actually made it to india….the pics are stunning and remind me of the crazy times i had in amazing india myself! i am headed for asia again in august…maybe you want to come see me in cambodia sometime…let me know…another inspirational place to broaden one’s perspective on life! well done so far….keep the shit rockin’!

    cheers, blondiva

  18. Da dachte ich, dass ich etwas von Indien wüsste. Dieser Report ist etwas vom besten, das ich über Indien gelesen hatte. Voll auf den Punkt. Great stuff.

  19. I always thought India sucks, but now I guess I have to change my mind about it. It actually ROCKS!
    Holy shit, this Russian girls are really cow-lovers…. 🙂

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