Intuition And Guilt (By Martin Zoller)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Perilla - Red flower. By @ ultrafeel.tvGuilt and Intuition

Dear Friends,

My work has allowed me to travel through the world and meet many different people of different cultures and belief systems. Our human instincts towards things are naturally the same and without fail and I find that the most significant enemy to our spiritual soul is the crushing feeling of guilt.

Human nature is creative, spiritual and free; however religions, society and internal pressures that we put on ourselves limit free and divine expression of ourselves. People become unhappy in their lives because they think they should be one way when their nature makes them in fact a different kind of person. We often live in some discomfort as we try to imitate characteristics and lifestyles, which are not ours naturally.

Most people start to feel guilt when they take a little time away from their structured conditions. For example, we often we stay in jobs that make us unhappy longer than we like due to a sense of guilt or perceived responsibility, others may flirt with inappropriate people or even have affairs outside their relationship. Others may have feelings of guilt when enjoying good food or living “la vida loca”, sometimes indulging a little more than they think they should.

Escaping guilt does not mean living in anarchy and just acting in an irresponsible way by surfing on a big ego wave. Escaping guilt means expressing what one feels inside without judging your own thoughts about it.

If you do something in life, then do it right and fully. Enjoy it, live it and finish it without having feelings of guilt arise. If it feels right there is no reason for guilt, have fun with it and do not question too much about it. On the other hand, if your soul, your intuition (and not your guilt) tells you that what you do is wrong for you or others, then leave it and move on in another and better direction!

There is no better judge in life than your own intuition. Nobody else knows you as well as your own self!

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Martin Zoller is an intuitive consultant and gives psychic advice regarding relationships, business, legal affairs, politics and destiny affairs.

He also offers meditation and coaching courses as well as workshops to improve and develop intuition and the human potential. These courses are designed specifically either for individuals or companies and institutions.

More about Martin Zoller can be found at his website: and at this Facebook public presence.

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2 thoughts on “Intuition And Guilt (By Martin Zoller)

  1. Martin, another excellent essay!

    I wholeheartedly agree: There is no better judge in life than our own intuition.

    Wish you la vida loca…and enjoy yourSELF!

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