Jack Featherstone’s Graphic Animation Art

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Striking graphic animation art by designer Jack Featherstone.

Jack Featherstone’s work is marked by highly symmetrical and colorful digital graphic works. In his project ‘Quilt’, he created a demo for a one-hour animation to work as a visual projection to accompany two DJs’ live shows and parties.

Simplicity and geometry play a really important part in my work at the moment. I am fascinated by form, shape and colour and with the quest to get to the fundamental core of them. In Quilt, which was an animated visual, I was trying to show that representational imagery must to be kept to a minimum so as not to take the audience away from the music.


Featherstone studied at Falmouth College Of Art And Design and got his Bachelor of Arts at Honors Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Art. He published in magazines such as Wired, Wallpaper, Ideas Illustrated and he has been featured in books such as Stereographics (Victionary) and YCN Book 08/09 and many more. Furthermore his work has been exhibited in Plymouth (Its Nice That Original Format), Chigaco (Dimension And Typography) and Manchester (The Waiting Room). He has been honored with the D&AD Yellow Pencil award.

More of Jack Featherstone’s art: Jackfeatherstone.co.uk

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