Space Like Awareness (By John Greven)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Clouds in the Sky. (From space – what a miracle it is.

Sitting between every cell – the space is.

Floating between every blade of grass it is.

Filling the lungs of every creature,

untouched by the simple flow of a breeze

or massive collision of suns – the space is.

The planets, suns, and comets…

Creation and thoughts –

in all their forms dancing within simple space –

dependent on it – and yet, not touching it.

A fitting analogy –

but as beautiful as space could seem –

the mind would get tired to just looking at it.

Why? Because it is not the content

and the mind is designed for content.

Yet – if you were the space –

how easily the content could be enjoyed.

Rather than fearing the content

or that something would be missing, coming, or going –

the momentary appearances of content are effortlessly allowed to be,

seeing without condition or expectation.

You are not seeing the space –

you are the space –

the space like – presence – awareness.

(John Greven)


John GrevenJohn Greven is an advaita/non-duality author who wrote 'Oneness, the destination you never left'.

More on John's site: Oneness (John Greven)

3 thoughts on “Space Like Awareness (By John Greven)

  1. John,
    This is a marveles piece of poetry, although
    Who gives a crap about it or about
    The perception of beauty of any kind blood that matter,
    Because as you have nicely put it in ur own words,
    It’s only an experience and nothing more.
    John, I thing you are the true gift to all seekers out there, the gift that
    lies in the profound simplicity of conveying
    The most ultimate message of nonduality:

    Enlightment is just an experience on body level.

    Thx to you, John, I put all the seeking away!
    Thank you for that.
    I’m calling you ” The last Teacher ” of mine.

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