Void You Are (by Karl Renz)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The total void, that abyss, you are. That darkness of knowledge, you are.

You are not the light of anything, because that is called "Lucifer." Whatever will bring you light is Lucifer. Whoever brings you something, promises you some knowledge, even if it’s what is consciousness or light, promising some knowledge that can add something to your nature—it’s all a lie.

It cannot add something to whatever is you. So that lie of light, that Lucifer light who tells you, "I can bring you something. I can help you. I can make you more happy than you are. I can bring bliss, whatever, heavenly bliss of the god tralala, divine," even the "divine love" idea – is the devil’s idea.

All the imagined belief systems and enlightenment—even the idea of "enlightenment" – is coming out of that devil again. As if enlightenment can add something to your nature! What an idea? Always a joke! You are talking to yourself, and you’re creating that devil imagination, and then it talks to you all the time, and it’s promising something, but it never can keep the promise.

It will never deliver the treasure you are. You are That which is God itself. All the ornaments – whatever it says, even the promises – are still gold. They cannot touch you.

So don’t believe yourself. You cannot even trust yourself. That’s the beauty of it. There’s always this image of yourself – "Trust me. I lead you. Trust me." Always talking. "Trust me. I can deliver." Hah! No. You cannot even trust yourself, as there is not even a Self to trust, as even the idea of "Self" is coming out of the same whatever. No.

"Whew. Absolutely alone. No one to trust. No God, no Self. Whew!" But that’s paradise, that Godlessness, that helplessness, that "one without a second," that’s paradise. Not even knowing yourself. A total absence even of an idea of "Self" or "God" or anything, you are That which is, whatever it means…

(Karl Renz)

More of advaita / non-duality teacher Karl Renz: Karlrenz.com

Priyanka Bista's "Would you step into the void?"

Photo: Priyanka Bista’s "Would you step into the void"?

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9 thoughts on “Void You Are (by Karl Renz)

  1. There is no objectively existing you to be void or not void. there is only the everything-nothing. This is very good news. Fear is ok.

  2. Karl is the best! Says Lucifer. So he says, Don’t trust me, either! Of course I must REALLY trust you to take THAT advice in! “I will never deliver the treasure you are!” OK, I don’t even believe you,
    but I will, soon!

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