The Moment He Sees Me (Poetry by Katrina Feuerwald)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Woman looking. "I long for..." by Janine KI know I will recognize him
the moment I see him,
or I will know him for quite a while
and suddenly realize
he is the one,
as he steps out of my mind
dark stranger in my dreams,
he will be all mine
just like he is now
wrapped in a fog,
a mystery,
plain just for me

he will be strong
he will be weak

he will know everything
he will be naive

he will love me endlessly
and live without me easily

I can sense him nearer
each passing day,
his breath in my hair,
his kiss on my skin.
Sometimes at night I dance
just for him,
and he will come
I know

He is dreaming right now
about me,
if he ever finds me,
he knows
he will recognize me
the moment he sees me.

Katrina FeuerwaldPoetry © Katrina K. FeuerWald

(Photo: ‘I long for‘ by Janine K.)

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