Presence Itself Is Freedom (By Kip Mazuy)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Presence itself is freedom

Hand into open sky

Thoughts and feelings
are natural and harmless.

They arise and disappear.

But in placing importance on them,
they become somethings,
like a monster in a dream.

And so you fight the monster,
you run away from the monster.

But there is no monster,
only a dream of a monster,
a thought of a monster.

And a thought of a monster
cannot bite you.

Thoughts cannot bite you.

If you can witness
the thoughts and feelings,
you see they are not somethings.

And that the only thing real and permanent
is presence itself.

This is freedom.

Thanks Kip Mazuy for this beautiful poem!

Kip is not only a advaita/non-duality teacher but he also creates fantastic ambient/meditation music. Check it out on his site:


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