Kip Mazuy’s Freedom from Anticipation

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Colorful sunset. (by from Anticipation

The mind maintains
it’s existence
through anticipation.

It’s program is to always
entice you
with some future fulfillment.

That once you reach
a certain understanding,
attain a certain goal,
quench a certain desire,
then you will be happy.

The problem is that there is
no end to understanding,
no end to desire,
no end to attainment.

It is not like the movies
where the conflict
comes to a climax
and everyone lives
happily ever after.

Anticipation itself
for it’s own survival.

Conflict, desire, understanding,
exists for it’s own survival.

But if you can take a step back
and see this tendency
and acknowledge that
there is no end to anticipation,

then suddenly
this whole reality based on
some future happening
and you are left
in this moment.

You are alive for the first time,
instead of resisting life for some
future fantasy.

You are alive
in the full acceptance
of life as it is in this moment.

This addiction
to seeking ceases
and there is unconditional peace.

You see everything is taken care of.
That you are held and nurtured
by life itself.


Kip Mazuy (from Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy is the founder of Bliss Music. He creates audio meditation programs and music that help people attaining blissful states of consciousness and support deep states of peace in meditation. More of Kip’s beautiful poems on his site:

5 thoughts on “Kip Mazuy’s Freedom from Anticipation

  1. Hello and welcome Locutus,
    Yes you’re right: In the exciting world of non-duality paradoxes abound. But they are only seemingly contradicting.
    First one concept is seen, then the contradicting one. Both concepts appear in what…?
    This ONE thing, in which all the concepts appear, is always beyond any contradiction or duality.
    Of course this can’t be understood with our dual minds…
    So relax and enjoy yourSELF!

  2. Nice poem, I like it, I feel much the same way but it also contradicts itself, unavoidably, by promising a fullfillment, a reward, to be had after the confilct of letting go of conflict, a desirable goal to attain after recognizing the futility of desire.

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