Kip Mazuy’s ‘Let go’

Monday, 21 April 2008

Let go

When you let go
of mind,

When you let go
of trying to figure it out
or do it correctly,

When you give up
and surrender
to life experience
as it is in this moment.

You, as a separate
individual dissolve
into the essence that you are.

A sublime state of
unfathomable peace
nurturance and love,
space floating
in space.

Soft, sweet, nothingness
from which everything arises
and dissolves again.

In this, you see
you are never alone
as a separate thing.

There is nothing
that could be lost
or found.

Nothing to be feared
or desired.

The soft resting place
where you exist
as consciousness itself
is always here
empowering everything.

You simply have to be
willing to let go
of the false conception
that you are here
separate from everything else
fighting for survival.

It is scary
to let go of this conception.
Scary to stop trying
to control everything.

To see life happening
by itself.

Allowing yourself
to let go
in every moment
the action of
being a someone
or a something.

Because the truth is
you exist beyond
all your someones
and somethings
as consciousness itself.

As unconditional
peace and love.

And if this
is too much,
just watch your breathing.

That is enough. (c) Kip Mazuy

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