Love can never be owned or possessed (poetry)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Love can never be owned or possessed,
to find soul love in another,
is a never ending heartbreaking pursuit,
our lovers are our life teachers,
and not to be owned, whilst we journey through life,
everyone we meet will become our teacher.

Our hearts were designed to be cracked wide open,
in order to feel and understand the gravity of it’s potency,
then and only then is the true nature of the one self revealed,
we go diving into that ring of fire,
time and time again,
with a passion like it’s going out of fashion.

Before we realize the timeless beauty of the one self love,
the oneness of this love will ripple and radiate out to others effortlessly and freely,
and without wanting anything in return,
an unconditional fulfillment of kind,
is felt as the ultimate love,
it burns no more, and in it’s eternal smouldering embers,
comes the understanding of pure potential freedom of the flight.

We gain and earn our wings,
we are reunited with our very souls,
we always get what we truly desire,
and in turn we effect every other heart we touch.

by Aquarius @ – Forum

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