Love (by Raja Ram)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Relish Raja Ram‘s ‘Love’.


What have we learnt? What has our society, what have we learnt?
We’ve crawled out of the reptilian swamp; here we are, 60 billion years later, what have we learnt?
What have we learnt if all the elders of the universe came down and spoke to us now, what could they tell us?
What does that baba that you knew tell us?
What is everybody trying to tell us?

They are trying to tell us — love!

And how do we love?

Cause we’ve got to love ourselves that’s how we love.
If we love ourselves then we can love everybody we can share everything,
but if we don’t love ourselves we’ve got nothing.
We are a dead battery adrift in the desert, but just saying the word love makes you feel good.
I’m going to say it now for everybody!

L-o-v-e! Ahhhh – what a word!
Man those four letters are better than other four letters words.

Think love.

Act love.

Be loving.

And don’t make a show of it, just be an internal lover!
Love humanity, love animals, love insects and everything.
You can’ t go wrong. You’ll be loved in turn!
You’ll just turn into a giant ball of floppy love floating like a thistle in outer space.

(Raja Ram)

2 thoughts on “Love (by Raja Ram)

  1. O mundo seria outro se a humanidad se humanizasse.. ou seja, compreendesse o que é Amor, que está belíssimamente descrito nesta poesia, ou “receita da vida”.

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